Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy whose girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We are more than happy to make that fantasy a reality. Felix has a sexy coat of fur on his chest and in his crotch.


Felix's Solo

Fuck. This guy is hot. Beard, no beard, I've seen him both ways now and it doesn't matter what's on his face. His face is just fantastic. Felix is bi and his girlfriend is turned on by the idea of him getting fucked by other dudes on camera. Oh, hey, I've got a camera!

Felix came over for his solo and I had him chill on the couch watching some porn. He was hard in no time, pulling his stiff dick from his jeans and showing it off. I could tell he was instantly in love with the camera being on him. A true exhibitionist. I'm sure he was also turned on thinking about his girlfriend being turned on when she would later watch this scene, as well as his future action scenes.

He got rid of his jeans and button down, revealing a very sexy blanket of chest fur and pleasant pubes. But it was Felix's pits that got my dick boned. Keep in mind, I've filmed Ryan Fargo, the hairiest guy on GuyBone and perhaps the Internet as a whole. But not even Fargo's armpits compare to Felix's. Felix has a hot rat's nest of dark brown armpit hair and when he jerks off, he sweats, and that hair gets curly and damp and beyond fucking hot. I made him spend a good portion of the scene with his arm up behind his head so I could see all that pit hair while he stroked his shaft.

It's now no secret that I love Felix's armpits. It's also about to no longer be a secret that Felix loves his asshole. He has a beautiful, tight, puckered little hole surrounded by hair. He spit on his fingers and shoved a couple inside his butt, instantly making him moan and his dick jump. He got knuckle deep between his cheeks and rocked his hips back and forth as if his hand was another dude fucking him. Practice makes perfect, and I have every faith that Felix will be a great bottom.

He gave me a warning when he was ready to blow his load and then cum literally exploded from his cock, shooting all over the couch, his stomach, and running down his hardon. Then he did what I love seeing bi guys, straight guys, any guys do. He licked the cum off his hand. It's such a turn on seeing a dude taste his own nut. He liked it, too. And that tells me he's going to enjoy tasting other guys' cum when the time comes. I love a good facial.

Welcome to the GuyBone family, Felix. Feels like a perfect fit that was meant to be.

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