So in love with all things Finn, from his playful pup personality to his big black cock and beautiful body. He's a lean, toned, smooth stick of chocolate that you can't wait to get your lips around. Nice as can be, he's funny and smart and sexy sexy sexy.

Leon Fox

Leon Fox

UNF is the noise I make looking at and drooling over Leon Fox. For fuck's sake, this sexy Leo is everything you've ever needed and wanted between the sheets. His lean body is bulging with muscles and covered in fur.


Finn and Leon Flip Raw

I love it when guys waste no time getting naked and when their dicks never go limp. Finn and Leon excelled in both arenas, starting totally nude and rock hard, staying that way the entire scene. Finn kicked back in the comfy leather chair while Leon sucked his stiff dick. These two were an instant match, the sparks between them nearly lighting the room on fire. Hard from hello, they couldn't keep their hands and mouths off each other, which was fine by me and my camera.

Finn's dark dick looked magnificent in Leon's mouth, his spit running down the shaft. Finn fed it to him and tweaked his nipples as he enjoyed the blowjob. They kissed hard and he thrust Leon back down on his black bone, his balls heavy with a cum load he'd spend the scene edging to explode. Leon's pink prick was perfectly swollen to an equally impressive erection. He hopped up on the counter and encouraged Finn to go down on him.

The eager pup worshipped that rod as if it were just the bone he'd been looking for. Then they put their steel cocks together for some hot frottage and I knew we three were all in heaven. Finn dropped to his knees to get some more sucking in. Their bodies were so incredibly banging, toned and tight and hairy in all the hot spots. Leon was beyond complimentary of Finn's oral abilities, praising the pup on a blowjob well done.

They were on the bed next, Leon face deep in Finn's delicious ass. His butt cheeks were firm and plump, looking incredibly sexy as Leon squeezed and manhandled them. Finn helped hold his cheeks open so Leon could lick that hole effortlessly. He spit on it and munched, his scruffy chin scraping against Finn's sensitive spots in all the best ways. Finn moaned and writhed on the bed as his butt got eaten. Then Leon grabbed the lube as Finn invited him to fuck his hole.

Leon's thick dick was instantly at home in that hot hole. He began fucking Finn bareback and hardcore, really pounding away. His slick shaft looked sexy as fuck sliding in and out of Finn and when he mounted him so I could see him getting balls deep in his bottom, a huge grin spread across my face. Their groans filled the room with sounds of ecstasy and even their kissing only slightly muffled the melody of man moans.

They continued to make beautiful music as they screwed raw, Leon now railing Finn on his back in missionary. The big vein on the top of his shaft looked very full and ready to pop. How extremely hot! After a deep, passionate kiss, they swapped roles and Finn rimmed Leon before fucking him in doggie. I couldn't wait to see him fill that carnation crevice with his chocolate bar. Delight he did when he inched his throbbing cock inside Leon's tight hole. He got his bottom accustomed to his dick then picked up the pace, pounding him perfectly. Finn's attractive asshole puckered and winked as he railed Leon's. Both boys were thoroughly enjoying their adventure. Finn asked Leon to sit on his dick and Leon obliged, riding it like a fucking pro. Their bodies fit together so perfectly, I was astonished they'd not met previously to practice.

Their beautiful, muscled bodies looked athletic as fuck as Leon bounced on Finn's boner. The pounding his prostate was taking felt so good his cock began to leak cum so he stopped jerking it and rode the wave of feel good fucking hands free. He was back inside Finn's hole before I knew it, the black beauty on his lap bucking up and down wildly. He cried little sighs of joy every time Leon's blood filled phallus filled his butt to the brim. He used his mighty ass to clench Leon's cock and really milk it for every inch of excitement.

I got underneath the guys for Finn's next foray as top. He annihilated Leon's ass with his girthy good stick, his tight nuts drawn close to his body but still able to produce one helluva slapping sound. Leon was hard as ever, his raging erection aimed straight forward toward his hairy tummy. He bent over the counter as Finn fucked him standing doggie. Then it was back to the bed for two very drool-worthy cumshots.

Leon fucked Finn again to get his dick off. He pulled out, painted his pretty pucker, and put his cock back inside to keep fucking and breeding his bottom boy. When his balls were empty, he gave Finn the reins and bent over to give his hole up a final time. Finn stuck his dick back in that warm space and screwed Leon until he was close, then he flopped on his back, sucked Leon's sexy spent cock, and shot his load all over his chest and stomach. Fuck, what a nut! Leon lapped it up and kissed Finn deep yet soft, capping off a perfect scene. These stallions were sextacular!

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