So in love with all things Finn, from his playful pup personality to his big black cock and beautiful body. He's a lean, toned, smooth stick of chocolate that you can't wait to get your lips around. Nice as can be, he's funny and smart and sexy sexy sexy.


Finn's Solo

Rock hard and horned up as hell, Finn the human came to GuyBone via Twitter, even though he runs in the same naughty pup pack as Avi, Lindo and co. Small world of sexy puppies, and I'm always more than happy to get my hands... er… camera on them. Finn was no exception. This smooth chested stud was as hardbodied as his cock was hard. Dark, curly pubes surrounded his shaft and peeked out from his pits and the goatee he was rocking looked devilishly handsome every time he flashed his million dollar smile.

He sat back on the spiral staircase and stroked his already stiff dick. This beautiful black man was hung and happy to show off his prize penis. Big black cock did his description justice as he smacked it against his palm and looked the camera dead in the eye, daring everyone to watch him rub and tug. Trust, Finn, we're all watching.

He lubed his fist with SPUNK and massaged it onto his manhood. He gave his nips some love and gently stroked his dick, ever so subtly flexing his bicep and showing off his armpit at the same time. He beat his meat against his inner thigh and pulled at his nut sack. His deep moans and swears made the hair on my neck horny and I desperately wished he had someone to kiss during this bate session. To hear those lips smacking and those groans echoing another dude's.

He spit on his dick and played with it more. His shaft was long and thick, veiny and cut with a perfect shape and head. And his balls were tight but simultaneously loose. Perfection to behold. I couldn't wait to see him getting sucked, fucking, using that magnificent tool on another man.

I had him move up a few steps so I could shoot from under his cock. What a view. From his feet to his athletic calves and hairy taint, he was all sorts of sexy. He threw back his head in feel good freedom and jerked his dick slowly and seductively. He was edging for what would be a very memorable cumshot. He wrapped his fingers around his balls and squeezed, putting them on display. He made his dick dance, bouncing to and fro, hands free. He lubed up again, keeping his erection as slick and stiff as possible.

His toes curled around the stair face as he smacked his shaft against his flat stomach and tweaked a nipple on his firm pec. Boned up didn't begin to describe the insanely horny hunk. I had him move to a kneeling position, his raging erection poking through the railing. I was underneath, enjoying the grand spectacle above me. He dragged his dick across the steel rails, making music with his meat. It thudded and thumped heavily and he banged it between them for extra measure. He was so fucking hard, ready to explode, so I gave him the go ahead. He jerked his dick faster than ever, his shaft stiffening unimaginably, and he shot his load. A giant blast of cum rocketed from his piss slit, across the room, landing on the carpet. The rest of his delicious looking seed dribbled from his dick, down his shaft and fingers, dripping to the stairs below. He laughed and exhaled loudly, a job well done. Finn was exactly who I'd been looking for and I couldn't wait to get him into some fuck scenes. WOOF! Very good boy!

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