Talk about a steaming piece of twink meat! Aidee is smart, sweet, and incredibly sexy! That big smile flashes pearly whites that melt your heart.

Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.


Greyson Tops Aidee Raw

Greyson. Kent's. Best. Work. To. Date. Couldn't be more proud of this kid. He's always one of our most fun performers, especially when it comes to his orgasms, but he really took it to another level for this scene. He was dominant, aggressive, uber-masculine, and cocky as fuck. He owned newcomer Aidee's tight boy hole and never thought twice.

The two had met briefly at one of my notorious summer pool parties. The chemistry was evident and with Aidee heading home soon after his solo audition, we knew a scene between them had to happen. Boy, did it. They made out furiously in the hallway at Greyson's place. Greyson's hand quickly made its way round to Aidee's juicy buttcheek and squeezed hard, feeling what he'd soon be pounding.

He spun the tantalizing twink around, face to the wall, and dropped to his knees, spreading those cheeks, diving in deep for a very wet rim job. Greyson ate that delicious ass like it was his last meal. When he'd had enough (can you really ever?), he brought Aidee back to face him and started sucking that giant twink cock. Aidee's dick was fucking beautiful and big and boned up. Greyson struggled to get more than half the shaft down his throat. Those low hanging nuts dangled below his boner as he got blown. Then Aidee dropped to his knees and worshipped Greyson's raging hardon. Greyson told him to lick it. He obeyed. This was where I began to take notice of Greyson's dominance. He was a total top in this scene. All man. He needed his dick in a hole and Aidee was the lucky recipient.

Greyson pushed his hot bottom against the hall wall and drove his dick balls deep into the soft crevice. The moans started immediately and my dick throbbed behind the camera. This was pure porn magic unfolding right before my eyes. Greyson fucked Aidee bareback and hard, slamming his erection into his costars willing hole.

He pulled him into the bedroom and ordered him to "ride this" as he laid on the bed and allowed Aidee to climb aboard his cock. The fucking was loud and passionate and intense. Greyson's balls danced at the base of his shaft as he thrust upward into that hot hole. Then the headboard banging. The couple screwed so violently that I thought they'd dent the wall with the headboard slamming against it. Even during quick pit stops to lube up with SPUNK, I was unable to take my eyes off these two. They looked phenomenal together.

He got him into doggie style and absolutely nailed him from behind. The look on Greyson's face and the sounds coming from Aidee's lips were almost too much for me to handle. These two were so in sync. They worked up such a sweat they were both dripping wet by the end. I was even damp from the humidity they'd created in the room.

To finish the scene, Aidee laid on his back and got fucked missionary. He came a thick, impressive load and then convulsed and quivered in ecstasy. Greyson stayed inside him and kept humping until he was ready to cum, too. Feeding Aidee his own boy batter that he'd scooped from his tummy must have visually helped Greyson reach climax because he was there very soon after. He pulled his swollen cock out long enough for me to catch a couple spurts of jizz landing on Aidee's taint and then he shoved his still cumming raw cock back inside his smooth bodied costar.

In true Greyson fashion, Mr Kent let out one of his trademark bellows that lasted a good minute as he collapsed back on the bed. Without hesitation, Aidee was on his knees licking clean the cock that had so awesomely just given them both fucking fantastic ejaculations. Greyson instructed him to clean it but Aidee was more than happy to do it regardless. He was indeed a "good boy" and this was without a doubt a good scene. Great, in fact.

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