Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy whose girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We are more than happy to make that fantasy a reality. Felix has a sexy coat of fur on his chest and in his crotch.

Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.


Greyson Tops Felix Raw

Greyson and Felix. Instant chemistry from the moment they met. Two of my most reliable guys. Two really really wonderful human beings. And sexy. As fuck. They'd been wanting to film together since they met, but because they were both local and I could “film the two of them anytime,” this scene always seemed to get put on the back burner. It wasn't until both of them announced they were moving that I knew I had to get this in the can or forever wonder how hot they would have been together on camera.

We'd never filmed in a moving vehicle, so for their big scene together we figured why not try something new? Boy. It's a little difficult filming while driving. They were champions, though. They figured out how to balance, how to maneuver, and how to avoid being seen by passersby. I asked one of my friends who drives for a ride share service to chauffeur us around town. He was totally turned on by the idea of two guys fucking bareback inches behind him as he navigated.

The guys got right to it, laughing as they began making out and letting hands roam. It was a funny scenario to be in, but very sexy nonetheless. Within seconds, I think they forgot they were even in a car, and the chemistry boiled to an all time hotness.

Our escort drove us up into the hills for more private roads and much better views. Felix fumbled with Greyson's fly. Greyson tried to help. It wouldn't budge. They laughed again, these two have such a cute, sexy energy. Finally they got the zipper down and Greyson's rock hard cock sprang out and instantly got sucked down Felix's throat. Yum!

Greyson held his neck and encouraged him to suck deeper. His dick raged and throbbed, veiny and shiny with Felix's spit. He humped Felix's mouth and grunted brutishly. They pushed Greyson's shorts to the floor and peeled off their shirts. Greyson's balls were full, heavy and hanging toward the backseat. Felix slid out of his shorts and dropped back onto Greyson's beckoning boner. He has a slight gag reflex, the bi boy he is, and can only suck so long before he tires. So it was time to give his poor mouth a break from Greyson's big dick and let them explore some more with their hands.

Greyson was knuckle deep in Felix's hairy hole, fingering his costar to loosen him up. Felix slowly stroked Greyson's hardon to keep it at attention. Both were lubed up with SPUNK. They moaned deeply, aching to get their fuck on.

Felix laid on his back, legs up, feet on ceiling. Greyson entered him slowly, breathing loudly. Instantly I had an erection, watching these two finally come together. Literally. Greyson's thick cock slid in and out of Felix's hairy hole. He picked up the pace, pounded into him harder and faster. Felix was also rock hard, holding his dick straight up so it tapped Greyson's stomach every time he thrust into him.

I found it incredibly hot that Greyson kept checking windows to see if anyone was able to spy what they were getting away with. That exhibitionist side to both of them was in full force. We pulled over to give the guys a break from the rocking vehicle. Greyson had a much easier time fucking in a stationary spot. I stood outside and filmed through the back window. It was probably very obvious to other drivers as they went by what we were up to, but none of them stopped and none of them doubled back. Greyson nailed Felix hard. They'd both broke a sweat by this point, really enjoying the bareback fuck they were having.

It was time to get moving again, so as we drove on Felix assumed doggie and let Greyson plow his furry ass from behind. They both groaned so sexily. Greyson was totally in his element, even in the extreme conditions. He dominated that hole. And Felix fucking ate up every moment of it. The sun had started to set and the guys looked radiant in that golden light pouring through the windows. Greyson's raw cock railed Felix's butt and I was in love with everything they were producing.

It was time for Felix to take the lead so he sat on Greyson's towering rod and rode it. He bounced with the bouncing of the car. He pulled his butt cheeks open so I could really see the fuck he was receiving. Afraid that one big bump in the road might break Greyson's cock in half if they remained in this position, they switched to missionary and Greyson resumed the power. He drilled Felix's tight ass as we pulled over a final time on a deserted back road and finished the scene in the comfort of privacy.

Felix jerked his dick as Greyson fucked him raw. He came hard all over his wonderfully hairy chest and stomach. He shot ribbons of jizz everywhere and exhaled in utter satisfaction. Hot, cramped and just plain exhausted, the sun had completely set by the time Greyson came. We used the dome light to see and he rubbed out a huge, gloppy load of cum onto Felix's bearded face. Felix was all smiles and Greyson was all bellows. He let out his trademark war cry orgasm and collapsed back, mission accomplished. They came, they fucked in a moving car, and they came again. So glad I got to film them together before they moved. This was an incredible experience. And big thanks to our ride share driver, we couldn't have done it without you!

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