Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.

Jason Ackles

Jason Ackles

An adorable and sexy boy next door, Jason Ackles proves you can be both. He gives off an innocent charm like you wouldn't believe but then gets naked and hard and becomes a very sexual being. While he prefers to bottom, he's not a shabby top.


Greyson Tops Jason

Damn hot chemistry! That's what these two studs had. They'd spent all weekend hanging out and flirting and it was finally time to fuck. Nothing short of a spectacular show from site favorite Greyson Kent as he welcomed GuyBone newbie Jason Ackles to the family.

The two hotties started off making out passionately on the bed. Groping and dry humping led to some pretty fucking hard boners and by the time they unzipped and unleashed their stiff cocks on each other, they were both drooling to S some D.

Jason literally drooled, a nice big strand of spit as his lips came up off of Greyson's thick dick. They kissed sweetly and I'm pretty sure the excess wetness got Greyson throbbing even harder. They 69'd for a bit, showcasing both their oral skills. What I would have given to just jump in the middle of that party.

Jason wanted to bottom on his back first, and this provided such a hot shot of Greyson's firm SPUNK covered rod sliding in and out of that tight, lightly fuzzy asshole. Jason's cock was rock fucking hard the entire time Greyson was inside him. I absolutely cannot express enough how turned on I am by a bottom that stays so incredibly erect while he's getting fucked. Nothing says he's enjoying the pounding like his boner bouncing up and down with each thrust from his costar.

I love the spooning position. I ask everyone to try it because it looks great on camera. Some guys can't quite manage it because of height difference or cock length, but these two nailed it. Lucky you, the screw show is front and center as they hold hands tightly and fuck together in an impressive rhythm. Then Greyson flips Jason over and goes to town on that cute little butt, driving him into the bed and making him whimper.

Poor Jason had about all the fucking he could handle for one day from that girthy shaft of Greyson's, so they sat next to each other and jerked off. Jason was first to explode, shooting a ribbon of jizz onto his furry tummy. He then squeezed and milked his dick to help ooze out every last drop of pearl jam. Greyson knelt on the bed beside him to finish, orgasming in his true exhilarating fashion, bellowing in ecstasy and cumming onto Jason's chest.

Big thank you to our friend and photographer Taylor Imagined for providing the very hot stills!

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