Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler

Dev Tyler is seriously one of the nicest guys I've ever met, which makes him even sexier when listing all his attributes. His boy next door smile will make you crush while his bangin' athletic bod gets you rock solid. Hairy in all the perfect places, Dev is hard as steel in front and juicy yet firm out back.

Gus Kruger

Gus Kruger

Daddy extraordinaire, Gus Kruger came to us via Dev Tyler and we couldn't be more thrilled for the referral. Towering over most GuyBone Guys, this German giant and his gargantuan cock are ready to dominate your hole, in the gentlest way possible. Sweet, sexy, and brooding, Gus is one helluva handsome man and his accent gives us all sorts of goosebumps.


Gus Tops Dev Raw

Two new GuyBone Guys making their debut on the site in one incredibly hot, hardcore, bareback scene! Meet Dev Tyler and Gus Kruger, fuck buds from the North who hopped down to our neck of the woods for some good old fashioned fucking fun. Dev had previous filming experience, but was finally getting on GuyBone, something we'd talked about for a long time. He recruited porn virgin, hot daddy Gus and the chemistry could not have been more palpable. Gus was a tall (and I mean giant at 6'4”) German muscle stud with fur for days and masculine tats and muscular arms that wrapped around his pup perfectly. Dev was hairy in all the right places and had sexy ink and a septum piercing above his stylish stache. These two were so fucking hot, I couldn't wait to get them naked and unleash their raw passion for each other. Their heat was so intense, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

No sooner than the scene had started, they were locked in a steamy embrace that lasted the entire shoot. Kissing led to nipple licking led to Dev on all fours worshipping Gus' gargantuan cock. He spit on the shaft and sucked it deep as Gus reached into his shorts and fingered his furry hole. Then Gus got Dev on his back and ate that furry hole, making the perfect pup moan in delight.

Their daddy/boy energy was through the roof. They stripped out of their jockstraps and Gus went down on Dev, getting his handsome dick hard in no time. This was a daddy who definitely got off on taking care of his boy, not just dominating. Gus sucked Dev's dick with precision then made his way to an equally hard nipple and then an outrageously sexy, bushy pit.

Gus' raging erection fell between Dev's hairy ass cheeks and he pushed, massaging his meat into the pup's crack, practically making him beg for it. He grabbed some lube and wet Dev's interior with his fingers. Then he eased his big manhood inside his boy and let Dev feel the full wonder of his cock. Dev's own cock was so hard it looked ready to explode. He pulled his daddy closer, wanting to experience every inch of that rod in his ass. Gus was paying hot attention to another perfect feature on Dev, his feet. He sucked on and kissed his cute toes then railed him harder and with fervor.

Gus had Dev in doggie next, a position all too perfect for the pup in heat. Dev bit down on the bedsheet as Gus drilled his ass from on top, pinning him to the mattress. When they sat up, Dev worked his ass like a pro, wiggling it just right on Gus' bone. He pumped that dick with his perfect rump and then gave control back to Gus, who grabbed his shoulders and gave it to him rough.

After fucking him in exactly the right spot, Gus needed to taste Dev's exactly the right spot. He pulled his fat cock out of his hole and replaced it with his tongue. He squeezed and spread his hairy ass cheeks, showing off the furry crack he was munching. He spit on it and teased it with his thumbs, then ate it expertly. Dev hung over the foot of the bed, all smiles and moaning accolades as daddy devoured his pucker.

Next, Dev squatted over Gus' towering torpedo, letting his hung daddy stab his insides repeatedly. When Gus wasn't running the show, Dev bounced up and down on the meat hammer to show how into it he was. They took turns pulling his butt cheeks apart so I could see the spectacular show they were presenting. Then Gus cradled Dev with his bulging biceps and rolled him onto his back to fuck him in trapeze. My goodness, what a show that was, seeing Gus' slick dick sliding in and out of Dev's tight hole so effortlessly, their bodies fitting together so perfectly. Dev's dark, curly ass hair clung to Gus' girthy good stick as it impaled him. Mmm so much fucking body hair, I was in heaven, and I couldn't take my eyes off these succulent men.

To make his boy blow his load, Gus kept Dev on his back but fucked him harder and deeper in missionary. Dev gripped the edge of the bed with one fist and jerked his cock with the other. His face twisted into that joyous O and he ejaculated, dumping tons of cum onto his stomach and pubes. He grunted and groaned as he emptied his balls. Gus bent down and ate up some of his seed, tasting that beautiful boy load.

It was all so jizz-tastic, Gus needed to join his pup in pleasure town. He screwed him raw in doggie once more to bring himself to climax. He pumped his pup full of cum and didn't pull out until he was done shooting sperm. Dev pushed his daddy's load out of his ass with a couple of clench and release winks. Gus' white hot nut drizzled from Dev's gape, down his hairy taint, and onto the bed. The two men locked limbs again and kissed passionately. They knew no other way. BIG WOOF to one of our best double debut scenes!

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