Hayden Howell

Hayden Howell

Hayden is hot, hairy and hung, just how we like em! Totally chill and confident, he's lean and tall, covered in curly, dark hair that clings to his body when he's wet with sex sweat. His dick is big and he knows how to use it.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


Hayden Tops Parker Raw

Parker Allen was quickly becoming one of my favorite models to work with. Such a sweetheart and so sexy from top to bottom, he's always a delight and professional on set. When I visited his hometown, he had a couple new fuck buddies ready to film. I was more than ready to see who he'd recruited. First up was total porn newcomer Hayden Howell. Tall, lean and carpeted in dark, curly fur, Hayden was coifed, inked, bearded and boned up with a big dick all for Parker.

We met up in the back alley outside Hayden's place, where Parker said hello to his costar's thick dick. The frigid winter wind moved us to the stairwell, where Hayden's wet finger shook hands with Parker's tight hole. The risk of being caught by a nosy neighbor forced us indoors to Hayden's toasty bedroom. Once inside, things heated up nicely, the two furry studs sucking face and cock until they were both thoroughly thawed.

Third location was the charm as the two studs stripped out of their duds and showed off their beautiful bods. Parker with his handsome, hairy dad bod, just enough extra meat to cling to while cuddling and fucking. Hayden with his long swimmer torso buried beneath a shag rug of manliness. They felt each other up, fingers running through body hair, tongues on perky nipples and good smelling necks. Hayden dropped to his knees and took Parker's thick, attractive cock in his mouth. Parker was rock hard already and definitely in need of head. He leaned against the wall and moaned, flashing that cocky smile at Hayden as his stiff dick got serviced.

When he felt Hayden was due some dong sucking, he moved them to the bed and started slurping on all fours. He choked and gasped as he gulped down Hayden's growing meat hammer. Hayden was busy playing with Parker's hairy hole, watching himself in the mirror. He tongued that tender ass and spit into it, completely burying his bearded mug, much to Parker's delight. Then he inched two digits inside, knuckle by knuckle, until he was finger fucking Parker in preparation for his titanic rod.

The time to fuck Parker had arrived. Loosened from the finger bang and wet with spit and SPUNK Lube, Hayden eased his dick inside his masculine bottom. Once Parker's ass welcomed Hayden's big dick, Hayden began thrusting and jack rabbit humping his costar. They kissed, which only drove Hayden's shaft in deeper. They screwed hard and fast in missionary, Parker's sexy feet aimed toward the sky. The bed squeaked, the mattress shook, the men bareback boned wildly and without remorse.

Switching it up into doggie style, which would prove to be their favorite position, Hayden nailed Parker raw as they both admired their reflections. Parker's hairy, juicy bubble butt jiggled with perfection as Hayden pummeled it. The furry top's heavy nuts slapped Parker's bouncing butt and they both grunted and cried out curses. They tried the spooning position for me, but after a hot minute, Hayden discovered his height wasn't helping the contortionist act he was trying to perform. Nonetheless, Parker's cock was ever hard as Hayden drilled his hole. At least they enjoyed it briefly.

It was back to the beloved doggie for their final position. Parker hugged a pillow and gripped the bed sheets tight as Hayden fucked his ass relentlessly. Their tatted bodies moved together in harmony, their shared goal of reaching climax becoming a reality the longer they fucked.

When it came time to cum, they'd both kicked back on opposite ends of the bed, legs spread open to each other, watching the other jerk his own dick. Balls jostling, cocks being rubbed furiously, their voyeuristic and exhibitionist sides both on duty, hot bodies glistening and dripping sweat, they reached orgasm at nearly the same time. Parker was first to blow his load. He shot several ropes across his pubes and hairy tummy. It was pearl white and looked delicious as fuck. He milked his still throbbing cock as Hayden joined him in spilling seed. He sprayed a crystal clear batch of baby batter all over his hands, pubes and furry belly. They ended the scene with a couple sexy smooches and I knew we had a hot scene to keep you warm on a cold winter's night. You're gonna love bundling up with these two!

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