Heath Anthony

Heath Anthony

Heath should have been one of the original GuyBone Guys, but timing and geography dealt their hands and kept us apart until recently. Happy to have finally filmed with him and that incredible personality. Waiting years to get together meant more beef on Heath, which looks terrific on his frame.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is an up and cumming industry boy, cute as fuck and even furrier! He's so unbelievably sexy and I swear, his pics don't do justice to the in person version. He's incredibly charming, easy to work with, and has a smile that'll melt you as fast as those deep ocean eyes of his do.


Heath Tops Parker Raw

Barefoot and with boners bulging just behind the flies of black jeans, Parker sat on Heath's lap and kissed him passionately. They'd hooked up in the past and had good memories of their encounter. Much like I'd filmed Parker plenty of times, always with good memories, and I'd had Heath on my to-film list for years. Timing finally aligned and we were all in Vegas together and decided to make it happen. Parker pulled off Heath's denim dick prison and revealed his raging erection. It was a beautiful, towering cut cock complimented with loose, low hanging balls. A package Parker couldn't wait to get his mouth on.

He sucked Heath's stiff shaft with skill, coming up for air and tonguing the veiny surface, slurping it balls deep as Heath gently played with his hairy, pierced nipples. Parker pulled off his own pants (and $lut jockstrap) to offer his hardon to Heath. Heath would get there in good time, but first he had to taste that furry hole. They 69'd with Heath rimming Parker while Parker rode his face and slobbed his knob.

Their beefy, hairy bellies and bushy armpits were giving me all sorts of wood. Parker kicked back on the couch and enjoyed some oral service from Heath. His cock swelled to full potential inside Heath's talented mouth and he gave him a look of “yes, that's fucking perfect, don't stop.” Heath was all over Parker's body. Lip smacking kissing, hole licking, dick sucking, nipple teasing. Then Parker returned the favor with some more stellar head before it was time to fuck.

Heath lubed up his cock and Parker's ready hole with SPUNK and eased his thick dick into that desirable back door. Parker took it like a man, throwing his hand against the glass and getting screwed over the back of the couch in doggie. He moaned as Heath entered him fully, that girthy rod stretching his ass so sweetly. Heath took charge as Parker pulled his ass cheek open for him to see what he was doing. What a show it was! That steel cock slid in and out of Parker with precision, sending sex shivers across his body.

He rolled over onto his back so Heath could get inside him missionary. The top sucked on Parker's hot toes while he fucked him hard and deep. Parker beat his own meat and bellowed in pleasure. Their attraction was undeniable and I was eating up every second of the hookup. I loved how Heath went from fast and rabid to slow and sexy with his bareback boning. His dick must have felt so good inside Parker's warm, wet ass. Their animalistic passion ran rampant as they continued their raw humping in cowboy position.

Parker sat on Heath's fat cock and rode it hard and wild. Heath's nuts slapped against Parker's butt as they worked together to achieve great sex. Parker's dick was rock hard, bouncing in the breeze when he bounced on Heath's bone. Heath grabbed it and rubbed, no doubt aiding the load that was edging its way to Parker's piss slit. Fuck, he looked good rocking and riding on that hard, hot cock of Heath's.

Parker was ready to taste some cum and Heath was beyond the point of holding back. He stood in front of seated Parker and painted his fur-covered chest with hot semen. A literal rainfall of jizz. So much cum spraying all over Parker's hot bod. They were both in heaven at that moment. Still wanting to feel Parker's hot hole wrapped around a part of his body, Heath drove his fingers up that magnificent ass and helped his bottom reach climax by way of prostate massage.

Parker straddled Heath on the couch and jerked his cock until he exploded. It was a drawn out kind of cum, drizzling in spurts and damn near invisible, but it was there. And seeing it was enough to get Heath going for a second round. He jerked out his own second cumshot, adding to the sticky mix on his furry tummy. Then Parker leaned in and they kissed, their throbbing cocks all cummy and rolling around together. They nuzzled and necked and combined their cum-covered chests into one glorious mix of guy goo. Heath ended with a “go team,” and I couldn't have agreed more. After all this time, I finally got to film with him. And he and Parker got to relive their previous encounter. Hot on all counts.

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