Gunning for title of hairiest GuyBone Guy, Gutter brings the fur and does a fucking hot job of it! Hairy from head to toe and armed with a hungry hole, he's the bottom everyone wants in their bed. An adorable smile and the make you meltiest eyes, he's a total sweetheart with an insatiable thirst for sex.

Hunter Holzman

Hunter Holzman

Rugged, brut and ready to bend you over for the fucking you crave, Hunter is all man, all stud. Blonde, toned and equipped with a handsome hard-on, he's got a sexy bubble butt that you can look at but not invade. Total top.


Hunter Tops Gutter Raw

Bearded, furry, and horny as fuck, Hunter and Gutter were more than ready to help welcome GuyBone back from production hiatus. After many long months of sheltering in place, our sex drives were through the roof. We headed to Hawaii for a little post-vacc-ation and were fortunate to find these two locals ready to film. Tropical views from the hotel, incredibly hot views inside the room, Hunter and Gutter made their debut on GuyBone together in this steamy, sexy, and still incredibly sweet scene. So wonderful, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Both being locals, they’d already met and become quite good fuck buds. Their chemistry was intense and their passion burned red hot. Gutter kept his jockstrap on like a good sub pup and Hunter wore his work boots throughout the scene. Fucking hot, rugged, and masculine. They kissed fiercely and Gutter worked up Hunter’s already hardening rod. Their pierced, tatted bodies were amazing to marvel. And the amount of fur coating Gutter’s hot bod was out of this world. They tweaked nipples, they stroked cocks, and they smacked lips sensually. It was evident these buds had not been able to fuck in a while and needed to work out that sexual frustration.

Hunter smacked his dick against Gutter’s fuzzy ass and knelt to eat that succulent peach. His blonde surfer, wild man from the jungle vibe sent all the right chills up my spine. He was all man and he was loving showing off for my camera. He tongue fucked Gutter’s delicious hole like a pro, getting it plenty wet for what was to come.

The way his mouth made kissing sounds on Gutter’s pucker got my dick insta-hard. It worked for him, too, as he stood up and showed off his veiny boner and instructed Gutter to go down on it. Gutter didn’t hesitate, swallowing that sexy shaft to the hilt, his beard brushing against Hunter’s bushy blonde pubes. He sucked his low hanging nuts and ran his talented tongue up the length of Hunter’s erection. That was some hot fucking head.

Gutter slurped Hunter’s schlong til the top couldn’t wait for hole on his pole anymore. He spit on and stuffed a finger inside the pup’s ass, readying it for the ride of its life. He slid his stiff dick inside Gutter and began fucking him bareback, to both their delights. Their bodies fit together like the ultimate puzzle and I knew why they’d missed each other so much. More than happy to help provide this reunion.

Hunter gripped Gutter’s jockstrap and took him for a ride. His dick fit perfectly inside the pup and Gutter bounced back against his daddy with dedication and determination. The undershot of their sex was spectacular. Hunter’s loose nuts slapped against Gutter’s ass like no other. What power. What prowess. They moved to the wall and fucked standing, watching their sex reflection in the mirror. I still couldn’t take my eyes off Hunter’s work boots. So fucking hot. He plowed Gutter’s hole perfectly as they admired their attractiveness in the mirror. Take it all in fellas, you’re fine as fuck and have every right to drool over yourselves.

They hug fucked and Hunter ran his fingers through the nest of chest hair on Gutter’s toned, beautiful torso. He pulled his butt cheeks apart and ate his used hole, rubbing his face and beard all across it, marking his territory with his musk. He plugged his cock back inside Gutter and resumed the raw ramming. Their energy was so erotic, so energetic. God, I loved watching them screw. And they did, too.

Hunter carried his babe of a bottom over to the sofa and continued fucking him in doggie. His knees pinned down Gutter’s legs so I got a hot view of work boots, balls slapping, and ass fucking. These two were on fire. Gutter’s hot little moans mixed with the visual of Hunter’s gorgeous bubble butt bouncing up and down as he humped were the perfect combo. Hunter showed off Gutter’s gape, proud of the spread his penis had produced. He pounded his bud against the balcony door so they could enjoy the beach view. Honestly, they were just as impressive if not more than the sights outside.

Gutter got on his back, legs and sexy feet toward the ceiling, and gave his hole to Hunter. He held his top’s chest as he received his railing, then pulled him in for a hot kiss while they boned. Hunter got even harder as he hammered his boy. Toe sucking and licking action followed. What perfect feet Gutter presented. Then right back to destroying that ass with the best deep dicking Hunter could offer.

I love that Hunter rimmed Gutter between each position, keeping him wet but also tasting their natural juices. WOOF! He fucked him in doggie, really entering him fully. All that back hair and shoulder hair on Gutter was epically arousing. What a beast of a pup. And did he know how to take a cock. That ass was getting beat up and he fucking loved it.

Daddy spit in son’s mouth and watched excitedly as he got his cock serviced again. So frothy. So spit covered. So sexy. Gutter worshipped those big balls with his tongue. Fuck, what a blowjob. He gulped the girth down his throat and got Hunter hard as hell. Then, more fucking in doggie. There was no stopping these two, not that I’d dare. I was eating up the entertainment.

Like our vacation in Hawaii, all good things must come to an end. And so did this perfect scene. The guys moved to the bed to wrap it up, Gutter crying out his love of Hunter’s cock, Hunter dominating that wonderful hole once more. The hunky top fucked his way to a cumshot, pulling out to paint Gutter’s ass cheeks, then poking back inside to breed his bud. He hopped down to the bottom of the bed and ate his own load out of Gutter’s hole. Then he turned him around, had him clean off his cock, and kissed him mad passionately to finish the scene. Damn perfect. Hawaii. These studs. The whole of it.

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