Hunter is an adorable guy next door type who I think resembles Doogie Howser. This stud can play doctor on me anytime. I love the way he pounds his cock and squeezes his nuts to blow an inevitably hot load, which he always proves tastes just as yummy as it looks.


Hunter's Solo

I think Hunter looks a little like Doogie Howser, in that innocent boy next door with curly hair way. I've never seen Doogie Howser naked, but if he looks anything like Hunter does in the buff, I'm sure he'd give just as hot of a show.

Hunter was leaking pre cum before his jeans were even unbuttoned. He reached into his pants, dabbed some up with his finger, and tasted it, which clearly turned him on even more. By the time his clothes came off, he was rock hard and ready to jerk his uncut cock fast and hard.

I loved watching Hunter pound his meat. He did it so forcefully and rough, like he was literally fucking his hand. And the way he squeezed his nuts made me quiver in ecstasy.

His foreskin was painted with pre cum and it was evident he was ready to empty his load. He forgot to give me a warning, but I made it over in time to see him shoot. The real show came after his orgasm, however, as he lapped up his cum and licked his fingers clean.

Mmm mmm good.

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