Irish is a guy I've wanted to get on the site pretty much from the day it launched. He's got a cute, guy next door face and a rockin' hot, tight body complete with six pack abs. His dick is the perfect size - not too big, not too small, just right for any warm ass.



JP is one of those guys who looks totally innocent, hiding behind his cute specs and dress slacks. That is, until you undress him to discover pierced nipples, sexy tattoos galore, a chiseled set of abs, and one helluva big dick! Ever shy and sporting an adorable smile, it's easy to see that this GuyBone guy has a wild side he's rock hard to let loose.


Irish and JP Blow

Remember when I said I had a little crush on new GuyBone guy JP? Shooting this scene didn't help the matter any. I was stiff as wood watching Irish take JP's impressive boner all the way down his throat.

Irish loves sucking dick, so who better to pair him with than JP, who has one of the nicest on the site. The two guys got started with some kissing and heavy petting. Quickly tossing shirts aside, they undid each other's belts and flies and took peeks inside underwear to find already erect cocks.

Irish climbed aboard the love ship JP, who is considerably taller than our lucky little stud. There he found himself at home, grinding his boner into JP's, rubbing the two dicks together through their underwear while the guys kissed hard. Soon, underwear came off, and Irish couldn't wait to swallow JP's rod. He deep-throated like a pro, taking JP's long shaft balls-deep into his warm, wet mouth. JP responded accordingly, smiling, moaning, showing some O-Face, and my favorite part of this shoot, licking his lips and flicking his tongue around as if directing Irish through some sort of voodoo. It almost looked like JP wanted to help Irish suck his own dick, and who can blame him, it's a handsome cock.

JP returned oral service on Irish's incredibly stiff dick, taking time to massage the inside of Irish's piss slit with his wide, flat tongue. Just thinking about it, I'm hard again. I have to note JP's talent - he's a wiz at sucking cock freehanded. I loved watching him go all the way down on Irish's pole, then come back up to the head, rearrange the cock in his mouth with his tongue, swallow spit, and go back down again.

The boys got into the 69 position and we realized it wasn't going to work because of their height difference. If JP was blowing Irish, Irish's mouth would be at JP's kneecap. Sucking on knee, not exactly what we had in mind for this scene, so we skipped it and let JP teabag Irish's eager face. I loved seeing Irish's glistening tongue dart up and lick from the tip of JP's cock head to the base, taking in and rolling around his low-hanging nuts.

After plenty of dick sucking, these two were ready to cum, so I said shoot. JP jerked Irish off, pumping out a thick, creamy load of cum that oozed down JP's hand like lotion. Irish helped his new blow buddy ejaculate by sucking his dick some more, then letting JP shoot up onto his nose.

These two reminded me why it's sometimes fun to just suck dick and cum. Sure, fucking is great, but who doesn't love just worshipping a cock with your mouth once in a while? Clearly, these two love sucking dick, and you'll love watching them do it!

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