Felix Martel

Felix Martel

Felix is a brooding and handsome bi guy. His girlfriend is really turned on by the idea of seeing him get fucked by other dudes on camera. We're more than happy to make that fantasy a reality.

Israel Oka

Israel Oka

Israel Oka is a studio boy who we were thrilled to work with. Sexy, rugged, masculine, and a dominant top, he knows how to please his costars and leave them cumming back for more. He's funny and charming and peppered with tattoos as unique as him.


Israel Tops Felix

This scene has a really unique look I dig a lot! From two red hot models to their boners in gym shorts, to the attic space and sex on old theater seats, it's an incredibly satisfying watch! Israel Oka's first scene with us, he was more than ready to fuck furry up and comer Felix Martel. The feeling was mutual from Felix and the two were rock hard from the moment they met. Their instant sparks lit up the camera and gave you an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Looking like they'd just finished shooting some hoops at the park, Israel and Felix kicked back in their gym shorts on some old theater seats in an abandoned attic and started kissing. Hands roamed, dicks throbbed, nylon tightened and bulged. Their two bearded faces became one as they interlocked their lips and tongues.

In case the title of the scene didn't clue you in, it was immediately clear who was in charge here and who was going to submit totally. Felix relaxed and let Israel work his body with his hands. Israel sat up straight, dominant, doing whatever he pleased to his bottom's body. He pulled Felix's shirt up and played with his tight pink nipples. Felix smiled and moaned. He was so ready to be fucked. Israel took Felix's shirt completely off then stood in front of him, showing off that proud boner tenting in his shorts, ordering Felix without words to get to work sucking it.

Felix licked his top's nipples and then pulled his stiff dick out of its gym short seclusion. He admired it for a moment, because a cock that hot and hard deserves admiration, then he smiled and showed it off to the camera, then he plopped it in his mouth and started sucking. After getting it nice and wet with his spit, they made out some more, really turning each other on to the max. Israel was quick to guide Felix back to his dick, he was totally enjoying the slob job. Felix complied, such a good boy.

Israel wasn't done getting blown yet, so he sat back down and spread out. With his big balls draped over the waist of his gym shorts and his hard cock aimed to the sky, he relaxed and enjoyed the head he was receiving from Felix. His masculine grunts and heavy breaths made Felix even harder inside his own shorts. So before long, Israel was returning the oral favor. He freed Felix's raging hardon from its own nylon prison and stroked it, making it twitch and stiffen in his palm. They each grabbed the other one's boner, jerking simultaneously and watching their costars cock in delight. They snapped them against their stomachs and laughed, as if discovering a bud's boner for the first time.

Israel took his turn bending over to go down on Felix's erection. There was no shortage of spit or sexy slurping noises while Israel sucked Felix's cock. Felix's eyes nearly rolled back in his head, it felt so good. And it wasn't long until Israel wanted to get something else of Felix's nice and wet. He turned him around and spread those furry ass cheeks to reveal a tender, pink, delicious looking hole that he happily buried his tongue in. Israel's own tight, supple ass splayed out for us to see as he drowned himself in Felix's butt. Gym shorts around both guys' ankles, they were naked for all to see, dicks so fucking stiff as Israel ate out Felix's beautiful ass. Even when the theater seat he knelt on slammed forward, neither Felix nor Israel lost their focus on getting that hole nice and prepped for the main attraction.

Standing behind Felix, Israel gently guided his girthy rod inside his costars tight hole. Once it fit, he started gliding effortlessly, in and out, in and out. He picked up a nice speed and screwed with intent. Intent to please himself and to please his partner. Felix was in heaven, getting his ass spanked, feeling that fucking perfect dick massaging his ass. They were both all man. Israel ramming his rod into Felix's ass. Felix accepting it and moaning in delight. Such hot chemistry. Such a sexy setting.

Felix wanted to ride, and Israel wanted him to ride, so Israel sat down and let Felix have a seat on his lap. Stiff cock plunged deep inside Felix's gut, he wiggled and writhed while Israel's bountiful balls bounced and slapped below. Felix took charge like I'd never seen before. He fucking worked that dick, grinding and squeezing on it, making Israel voice expletives and smile a big, sexy smile.

I wanted, scratch that, HAD to get an under shot of Israel fucking Felix's plump ass. Damn, it was a hot as fuck view from down under. Israel slammed into him, that steel cock sliding into his hole like a knife through butter. Like a 3D movie, SPUNK flew at the camera every time he thrust his dick into the splendor of Felix's well-lubed hole. Israel's heavy nuts beat against Felix's hairy butt as he hammered into him. When I came back to the top, I got an even better shot of Israel's ever hard cock slowly fucking Felix's gladly used hole. Their soundtrack is out of this world. The way they talk to each other, all bro-ish, the way they moan and grunt so manly, it's all icing on the sex cake. Israel picked up the pace again and before Felix could beg him to, he was fucking his ass hard and they were both loving it.

When it came time to cum, Felix sat on a theater seat and Israel stood behind him, having decided to choke Felix as he neared climax. Felix was totally into it, breathing in gasps while he beat his cock. He shot a big, albeit nearly translucent load up onto his fuzzy chest and tummy. After rubbing some of it into his own hand, Israel began jerking his own cock. He tilted Felix's head back and asked if he was ready for his load. Felix said “oh, yes, give it to me, shoot it all over me” and Israel did just that. Thick, creamy white cum rocketed from his cock head and across the theater seats, Felix's beard, lips and tongue. Felix lapped it up, licking the globs of jizz that missed his mouth. He swallowed. No doubt it tasted divine. Israel bent over, kissed Felix passionately, then cleaned his cum from Felix's lips. Felix sighed the biggest, most satisfied sigh possible and sank into his seat. Job BEYOND well done, guys! What a fuckin ride!

Big thank you to our friend and photographer Taylor Imagined for providing the very hot stills!

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