Jack Miles

Jack Miles

Jack, Jack, Jack. Fuck me, this guy has it all. Puppy dog eyes, a sexy grin, and a big uncut cock that has only fucked a few guys.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.


Jack and Jay Flip Raw

Jack and Jay went up to a room, and vape and fuck did they. I can't describe how much the two of these guys are exactly my type. Straight, gay, bi, doesn't matter, they were both in the room and smoking and horny. Snapbacks turned backwards like bros, dicks swelling inside jeans, clouds filling the room with a sweet scent, their beards bushy and bodies hairy. They're perfection in my eyes. And now that Jack had felt his first cock up his ass thanks to a surprise ending to the scene where he topped Aaron, he was ready for more than just a tease. He wanted to flip fuck a full scene with another dude. And there was no dude more ready for the task at hand than furry pup Jay.

A few hits on the vape pen, some awkwardly sexy conversation, and some junk fondling through pants led to hot cloud kissing and a hop up to the bed where their clothes began to fall off and dicks began to poke out. Jack was first to taste a dick that day. He got Jay's hairy, hard cock out of his boxer briefs and licked and sucked it gently and deeply. Jay face fucked him a bit then took his turn on Jack's giant uncut cock.

Jack seized the opportunity to vape and blow smoke on Jay's raging boner while he received stellar head from the pocket pup. They 69'd quickly and then Jack laid down for more face fucking. Seeing him worship another guy's hardon with his mouth was intoxicating. They took turns pleasing each other orally, really working up those stiff dicks with the slurping.

Jay and Jack worked their cocks into a frenzy and I was in heaven watching these two stoner sk8r's bro out on each other's bodies. Jay bent Jack over in doggie and ate his hairy hole while showing off his own fur patch between sweaty cheeks. Their bare feet and big dicks were driving me wild. They switched spots and Jack rimmed Jay's fuzzy ass. So hot seeing these boys explore.

Ready to sit on a very sizable dick, Jay lubed his tight, furry hole with SPUNK and climbed on top of Jack. His slippery uncut shaft teased the entrance to Jay's wonderland before sliding inside, free of charge. Jay took a moment to get acclimated to the visitor inside his ass. Then he started riding it, bouncing beautifully on that behemoth boner. He squatted above Jack and showed off the full fucking as they screwed bareback. And I almost didn't notice that Jay had slyly slipped his finger inside Jack's ass to excite and ready him for the impending flip. He finger fucked his costar as he rode his cock. Woof!

Jay used Jack's giant dick to pleasure himself. He bucked wildly on it, totally in control of the raw fuck. He knew what and how he wanted it, and Jack wasn't complaining. Quite the opposite, he bit his lip and even gave Jay a helping hand while they humped. When they kissed, I thought I'd cum. It was too hot. Then it was time to flip.

Jack leaned over a chair and let Jay enter him from behind. All dick. All man. Jay fucked Jack hard and hurriedly. He couldn't get enough of that sweet straight boy hole wrapped around his tool. He filled Jack completely and thrust forcefully but friendly. Jay's loose nuts complimented Jack's balls that were drawn tightly to his body. Both sets swung with the rhythm of the fucking though.

Jay was nowhere near done with Jack's nearly untouched hole. They moved back to the bed and Jay topped Jack missionary. The whimpering look on Jack's face as Jay entered his ass again was all too arousing. And the way Jay dominated that ass was sublime. He fucked fast and furious again, really giving it to Jack good. His thick, uncovered cock railed Jack's tight back door, begging for more room to play in. Jack thought he'd try sitting on it to loosen up more. Smart boy. He fit Jay's rock solid shaft inside him neatly and then jerked his own cock as he rocked back and forth on the big boner.

It wasn't long before Jay took the reigns back, however. He thrust up into Jack's ass, his low hangers banging against his bottom's butt. Then they went back to missionary for the finale. Jay got close to cumming and pulled out long enough to squirt some seed on Jack's hefty ballsack, then he plunged his prick back inside that warm hole to finish breeding his bro. Jack jerked his own dick madly, intent on joining his bud in ecstasy. Feeling the warm rush of nut in his ass, and the continued gliding of Jay's steel cock, Jack reached orgasm with ease. He shot his load skyward like a fucking water cannon going off. It painted Jay's dark happy trail and coated Jack's hairy torso. Jay leaned over and lapped it up like a good pup, tasting some for himself and sharing the rest on his tongue in a sexy final kiss with Jack. Just two buds smoking, stroking, sucking and fucking. Tell me, what could be hotter?

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