Hoytt Walker

Hoytt Walker

DAYUM! No wonder Hoytt Walker is on so many sites these days, he's fucking perfection! That manly, bearded mug.

Jack Miles

Jack Miles

Jack, Jack, Jack. Fuck me, this guy has it all. Puppy dog eyes, a sexy grin, and a big uncut cock that has only fucked a few guys.


Jack Tops Hoytt Raw

So excited to share this scene with you! It marks Hoytt Walker's debut on GuyBone AND str8 sk8r boi Jack's second fuck scene. They were quite a match and I was happy to have got them together on camera. They chilled on the bed and Hoytt nuzzled Jack's neck while the straight dude fondled Hoytt's inner thigh through his pants. It didn't take long for either pair of pants to come off, revealing they'd both been going commando, and for Hoytt to drop down to start the sucking fun.

Hoytt is a sexy beast. Bearded and tatted and furry, oh my! He knows all the right moves and had Jack horned up and rock hard in seconds. Jack's dick is big and uncut and I knew I had to see it buried deep in Hoytt's hairy hole. But first, the oral.

Hoytt moaned as he worked on Jack's stiff cock. The straight boy whimpered his approval and flexed his cute toes as Hoytt slobbered all over his shaft. His beard had grown out since I last filmed him and he was looking all sorts of rugged sexy in his backwards snapback. That diamond tuft of tummy hair just above his pubes was a tantalizing backdrop for the sucking spectacle I was beholding.

Hoytt gagged on Jack's long boner in all the right ways. It made Jack harder. It made me harder. Jack's furry legs were outstretched before him and he rested his snapback on the headboard. He was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob by Hoytt. And why wouldn't he? Straight or not, a dick knows what feels good. And Hoytt's wet mouth obviously did.

The long mustache hairs on Hoytt's beard tickled the top of Jack's erection. The veins shone bright blue through his pale white cock skin. His balls were pink and tight, dusted in the same brunette fuzz his legs and flat stomach were. Hoytt worked that cock properly, swallowing nuts deep and clearly loving every inch.

Jack was ready for some 69 so they assumed the position. What a nice guy to share the sucking responsibility. Maybe he just felt inclined to thank Hoytt for the wonderful head by returning the favor. Jack took Hoytt's hard tool between his lips and sucked it to a throbbing stiff state. Fuck, watching these two in 69 was hot! Hoytt's moans made my own dick ache and I was transfixed by both sets of ruby lips tasting those firm hardons.

Hoytt was cut and it offered a nice variety in dick appearance for the scene. His cock was thick and curved and Jack didn't seem to mind sucking on it at all. So hot watching two dudes be equally satisfied at the same time, both doing and feeling the same thing. They nibbled and kissed and sucked and rubbed their hard dicks across their bearded faces. I was on cloud nine. As were they.

I must have lost track of time because before I knew it, Hoytt was in doggy on the edge of the bed and Jack stood on the floor behind him, raging erection rubbing between his two juicy butt cheeks. It was time for the bareback fucking and I was elated. Hoytt eased Jack's firm manhood inside his ass and they both gasped. Heaven is a place on Earth and it's apparently buried eight inches inside Hoytt Walker. That's where Jack was finding it, anyway. He started sliding his shaft in and out of his costar rapidly. His big cock filled Hoytt's backdoor and they repeatedly needed to lube up with SPUNK to made it a smooth ride.

Damn, Hoytt's ass was perfect. Jack kept grabbing palmfuls of it and squeezing as he thrust inside. He fucked Hoytt hard and raw and Hoytt made the most adorable yet arousing cries of ecstasy. He flipped onto his back and let Jack enter him missionary. His legs aimed toward the ceiling and Jack was screwing him softer now, more tender. It was a nice change of pace, not just hard pounding the entire time.

Hoytt tugged on his own fat cock as Jack plowed him. His hairy hole was being a great host to Jack's horny hot rod. Jack played with Hoytt's hefty balls as he nailed him. Suddenly Hoytt dropped his dick and exclaimed, “oh, shit, you're gonna make me cum hands free, hold on!” He panted and calmed himself but a bit of jizz still escaped his piss slit as Jack pulled his super stiff dick out of Hoytt's ass.

They took a small break then picked back up with Hoytt on his stomach, Jack topping on his knees. Hoytt begged for that big dick and as Jack resumed railing him raw, he told him “fuck yeah, you feel good!” Straight boy Jack dominated Hoytt's perfect bottom. His hairy nut sack was drawn tight against his body. He gave Hoytt a reach around as he fucked him. His bare feet were all sorts of sexy as they pinned Hoytt's athletic calves to the mattress.

Their final position was cowboy with Hoytt riding Jack's rod. He bounced up and down on that big dick as he jerked his own stiff one. They were both incredibly vocal now, clearly reaching their edges at the same time. They fucked hard and fast and Hoytt was first to hit his climax. He shot out and dribbled a delicious white load of cum onto Jack's dark, furry diamond and then continued to ride. Jack pulled out and beat his meat furiously. He said he was going to cum and Hoytt encouraged him to do so. Jack replied with an “okay” and I thought it was the cutest, sexiest fucking response ever. In that moment, he was so relieved to hear permission to cum from his costar. And cum he did! He exploded a huge, clear nut across his chest and up onto his nipples and shoulders. Fucking huge load!

Hoytt rubbed some of the seed into Jack's skin and they shared a laugh, Hoytt congratulating Jack on the “nice work.” Nice work, indeed, fellas. Couldn't have had a hotter debut for Hoytt and this makes one more super successful scene for str8 sk8r boi Jack.

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