Jack Miles

Jack Miles

Jack, Jack, Jack. Fuck me, this guy has it all. Puppy dog eyes, a sexy grin, and a big uncut cock that has only fucked a few guys.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Jack Tops Lance Raw

Str8 sk8r boi Jack Miles had filmed his audition solo a few months prior. I'd been boned up to get him in his first fuck scene ever since he stroked off that long uncut cock of his. Scheduling sucked, but finally we were able to get together again. His first costar, one of the best to break em in, Lance Bennett. They peeled their shirts off and Lance had Jack down to his boxer briefs in minutes. For being a straight guy, Jack sure was curious about sex with another dude and he was already swollen inside his underwear when Lance worked his way down orally. It should come as no surprise that they had so much fun exploring with each other, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Lance nuzzled and gnawed at Jack's tented boxers. Then he pulled Jack's bulging nuts through the fly and rubbed his tongue across them erotically. He eased the inexperienced straight dude's stiffened cock from his underwear and slid his tongue along the length of the shaft. He took the head in his mouth and as Jack gasped, Lance swallowed the entire cock to the base.

Watching Jack get head was everything I'd been waiting for. When Lance moved up and kissed him, I knew this was going to be a great scene. Jack obviously had no inhibitions when it came to trying new things sexually with another guy. His rock hard cock rubbed between Lance's furry butt cheeks as they made out and I could spot a droplet of pre cum escaping Jack's piss slit as he dry humped.

They traded places and Jack seemed eager to taste his costar's cock. Lance, erect as steel as always, whimpered as Jack put his dick between his lips. A natural, Jack deep throated with ease. They were both totally naked now, save for Lance's sexy socks, their dicks throbbing for attention. As Jack slobbered on Lance's dick, his own massive hardon ached down below. He climbed on top of Lance after blowing him and began grazing the entrance to Lance's ass with his more than ready, raging rod.

They both moaned softly, teasing each other, begging for the impending fuck. They kissed and frotted and felt the weight of one man pressing down on the other, boners smashing together, blood pumping. Lance turned over and presented his furry fuckhole to Jack, who glided his golden cock along the furry landing strip that led to his heavenly back door. And then with the aid of SPUNK Lube and a take your time kinda top, the boys managed to work Jack's larger than life shaft inside Lance's tight but welcoming behind.

Jack is skinny. He's all dick. Which made watching him screw Lance from behind all the more entertaining. So much shaft. Such long strides of his hips. His dick seemed to go on forever and I'm sure Lance felt like it was filling his insides to the brim. You wouldn't hear Lance complaining, though. In fact, you'd only hear him moan and grunt and cry for more. He was fucking loving that big dick railing his fuzzy hole.

They both knew exactly what they were doing and the chemistry was outstanding. They gave each other's bodies precisely what they wanted, needed. Jack continued to screw Lance in doggie style, bending over his back to breath heavily on his neck. He massaged and squeezed his cute little bubble butt as he rammed his cock deep between the cheeks. WOOF!

I asked to see them fucking in the chair next because I knew it would look sexy as hell. Sure enough. Jack sat on the chair and Lance rode his cock, squatted above him, bouncing up and down on that bewildering boner. It all looked so fucking beautiful, Jack's raw dick performing a disappearing act into the dark, hairy netherworld that was Lance's delicious asshole. When Lance's legs tired of the squat workout, he'd take a break and hover while Jack steered the sex mobile.

Next position was my favorite, the spooning. Jack dumped some more lube on his condom free cock and went to town thrusting into Lance's now very accommodating asshole. Fuck, I love watching the underside of a dick in action. That sexy ridge sliding in and out of an ass. The looks on both guys' faces were pretty hot, too. Sex grimaces, I like to say. They both looked totally blissed out. And why shouldn't they be. They were having some incredibly hot sex.

As Jack humped, Lance pulled his legs and ass toward him, clamoring for his costar to fill him deeper, more completely. He was insatiable. Couldn't get enough of Jack's cock in his ass. And when they moved into a standing doggie position so I could get underneath to watch, it was Jack who couldn't get his cock deep enough inside that warm, wet hole. He gripped Lance's dick and balls, rubbed his taint, and slammed his rock solid shaft into that heavenly hairy home he'd made himself comfortable in.

Lance was first to cum when they got into their final position, him sitting on Jack's big dick on the bed. What a nice seat, feeling that firm cock fill up your ass. He rocked back and forth on it until his own stiff dick was ready to shoot. He spilled a hot load onto Jack's chest, painting the little fur patch between his nipples. He's not one to quit after he cums, thankfully, and continued letting Jack fuck his used hole to get to his respective climax.

Jack's crazy hard cock pumped in and out of Lance's ass hurriedly, his balls tight and nearly vanished. Fuck, I had a hot view. When he was ready to bust, he picked up the pace and groaned, breeding Lance's ass with his seed. He pulled out when he was done and Lance pushed a bit of his load out of his ass to show the camera. Holy fucking hot! The warm cum trickled down his hairy ass and they grunted in satisfaction. What a fantastic first fuck for Jack and another incredibly noteworthy notch in Lance's bed post.

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