Jack Beam

Jack Beam

UNF - What a fucking stud! Jack Beam is all man, all muscle, and all mine - Okay, fine, I'll share him. Sweet as sin, handsome as hell, and hung like a prize stallion, Jack is versatile and well equipped to handle a roll in the hay.

Robin Pierce

Robin Pierce

Look no further for that shy, sexy gaymer next door! Robin Pierce is the perfect lean, furry otter for your playtime fun. Hairy from head to toe (check out those bushy pits), his dark body fuzz against pale skin is as gorgeous as his sweet smile.


Jack Tops Robin Raw

From those first lip smacking kisses I knew, Jack and Robin were going to create one epically hot scene. And sure enough! Both brand new GuyBone Guys lit up the screen in their scintillating debut! Rugged, masculine, mustached Jack took shy, sexy, otter Robin in his confident grip and kissed him deep and passionately. Their chemistry was immediate as they heated up the pool water with their sexual energy.

Their dicks stiffened beneath the surface of the water as their lips smacked sexily. Jack swam over to the steps and raised his towering rod above the waterline for Robin to taste. His deep voice bellowed from his hot mouth as Robin used his hot mouth to service that incredibly thick schlong.

Robin was a talented cocksucker, working Jack’s shaft with expertise. They both moaned and groaned, slurped and spit, thoroughly enjoying their shared experience. Out of this world oral was on display in the pool as Robin gobbled down Jack’s behemoth bone.

Jack turned Robin around and buried his wide, wet, warm tongue in that furry hole. Robin’s ass was so fucking hairy. The brunette fur ran from his crack to his taint to his gorgeous ball sack. He whimpered as Jack ate his ass on the edge of the pool. Jack made out with his hole, spit on it, and absolutely worshipped it with his eager to please tongue.

Robin laid on the hot concrete feeling even more heat on his hole from Jack’s warm mouth. Jack massaged his butt cheeks, squeezing and separating them. Robin’s pale skin looked beautiful next to Jack’s tanned, olive frame. They complimented each other in every way. Jack tugged on Robin’s raging hard-on while he worked over his accommodating hole. A hole that was beyond ready to get railed by that fat, bareback dick.

Robin laid on the side of the cement, his hairy legs skyward, giving his wet and ready asshole to Jack. The horny top slid his slicked dick inside the fuzzy bottom and began fucking him raw and wild. They grunted and panted and felt each other’s amazingness. Robin’s bushy armpits were on full display as were Jack’s hefty nuts as he swung them against Robin’s ass with each thrust of his hips.

Wet and glistening, the guys moved up to the pergola for some bareback fucking on land. Jack plowed into Robin from behind, in doggy. He looked so fucking brut as he smashed his fuck stick into that sweet, furry hole. Robin was in heaven, leaned against the structure frame, relishing every fucking second of that sex.

Jack’s big bare bone pumped into Robin’s sweet, tight hole with intent. The sticky sound of spit and friction drove me wild and as the pergola’s wood started squeaking, the guys started moaning louder, knowing they were really creating motion. Jack hiked up a leg to get better depth inside Robin’s delicious ass. He drove that giant cock deep and hard, delivering every inch of what they both wanted so badly.

I slid underneath them for a spectacular view. Robin’s erection banged against the sofa as Jack’s repeatedly stabbed his ass. Both sets of balls were drawn tight. They fucked furiously on full display and I ate up every minute. Jack’s ass was juicy and muscular and looked perfect as he humped his big dick into Robin. Their sex was wet and sounded utterly fantastic as they sloshed their parts together. Jack was all man as he fucked his dick deep into Robin’s bouncing butt. He nuzzled the otters neck and pumped him full of that good cock.

Jack gave Robin’s ass a good beating with his boner. He screwed him silly with that tasty sex stick. Robin’s face was pure delight the entire scene. And before we all knew it, the time to cum had arrived. Robin tongued and sucked Jack’s big balls as he jerked his girthy meat. He sat up and came hard, blasting a hot load across Robin’s mustache and hungry tongue. They kissed and snowballed so sexily, then traded spots so Robin could cum, too. Robin jerked his rock hard, tall cock as Jack kissed and nibbled his furry nuts. He reached climax, pumping out a delicious load that Jack eagerly lapped up and swallowed, saving some on his lips for Robin to taste when they smacked lips for the final time. Robin’s still pulsating cock throbbed against Jack’s toned torso as they locked lips and made out madly, fresh facials still wet on their furry lips. What a sensational debut for these two studs! All the WOOF’s!

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