Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, everything is bigger. He's skinny, has adorable ears, and perfectly coifed hair. He's also packing one of the biggest cocks to ever grace GuyBone.



Whether he's jerking off or bottoming for a big dick, Jaxon is always super sexed up. He's fit and hung. His body hair is perfectly blonde and curly in all the right places.


Jacob Tops Jaxon

Our hot, hung Texan returns for a fun-filled fuck scene with one of our site favorites, Jaxon.

There's something about chemistry that just amazes me. The natural spark between two guys, as soon as they meet each other, that gets their dicks rock hard and makes them want to fuck until they can't fuck anymore.

Such was the case with Jacob and Jaxon. I always enjoy seeing a bit of an age difference between the models, it makes me see the scene in a different way, like hot uncle and horny nephew. These two were just enough apart to create that illusion.

After making out aggressively, they stripped down to reveal raging hard cocks, ready for the sucking. Jaxon laughed, 100% fucking ready to swallow the Texan's gigantic cock. He got it nice and wet, taking it all the way down his throat. Jacob moaned and flexed, enjoying every second of the blow job.

He gladly returned the favor when it was time, licking Jaxon's curved hardon from piss slit to ball sack. The guys quickly got into a 69 and while Jaxon continued to deep throat Jacob's shaft, Jacob rimmed Jaxon's hole, readying him for the impending screw.

Jaxon is a fan of spit for lube, and he must have some fantastic, slippery saliva, because not only does it leave sticky strands behind, it lubes up his ass like magic. He positioned himself on Jacob's lap and started riding that big fat cock. I loved seeing the goosebumps on his arm as I circled around to catch a glimpse of them kissing. Jacob stroked Jaxon's stiff dick as he smiled in delight at the passenger taking a ride on his pole.

Next came the good old missionary position, where Jacob took the reigns and gave Jaxon the full length of his powerful cock, one mighty thrust at a time. I don't often quote models' sex talk, but Jaxon's was too hot not to in this instance - "oh, my fucking god, oh, that's so amazing, oh, fuck, oh, so good, so fucking big, oh, oh, fuck yeah, oh, oh, oh." Is your dick as hard as mine right now?

The guys did some doggie style, too, where Jacob's low-hanging nuts slapped so hard against Jaxon's ass, I thought he'd bruise his butt cheeks. These two were on fire and having a fucking ball.

Jaxon decided he wanted to cum on his back, getting his ass pounded by the Texan's thick shaft, and sprayed a hot load of jizz all over his chest. Jacob followed suit with a blast of cum that hit the back of Jaxon's throat, coated the inside of his open mouth, and soaked his chest. The two gave each other a final cum-filled kiss, the sure sign of a fucking hot time, and I knew I had the makings of a hit on my hands.

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