Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, everything is bigger. He's skinny, has adorable ears, and perfectly coifed hair. He's also packing one of the biggest cocks to ever grace GuyBone.

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.


Jacob Tops Lance

This was a shoot I'd been waiting a while for. Jacob came from Texas to film for us and I was saving Lance's GuyBone debut for the big-dicked Texan. Once Jacob arrived, I knew I'd finally get to see these two hot guys together.

They started the scene making out, rubbing each other's dicks into quick hardons, pulling off shirts and pants. Lance played with Jacob's boxers, sliding his face along the cotton, taking in the smell of Jacob's huge cock just underneath. As if prompted, the gigantic piece of meat popped out of Jacob's boxers, begging to be touched by Lance. He obliged, sucking long, hard, and deep on the throbbing cock. His long tongue bathed Jacob's bountiful balls in a shiny smear of saliva.

Jacob took his turn blowing Lance, deep-throating the hard as fuck dick, massaging his taught nut sack. I love seeing a stiff dick emerge from a dark bush, and Lance had an incredible one to show off.

Jacob buried his face in Lance's hairy ass, driving his flexed tongue into the warm and ready hole. Lance smiled and bit his lip in excitement, ecstasy, and high expectations of the ride Jacob was about to give him.

Lance climbed on top of the towering rod and sat down, slowly sliding every inch of Jacob's nine into himself. Once Jacob had him filled up, Lance began riding that cock like a champ. Jacob moaned in delight, his face twisted in pure pleasure.

Next, Jacob turned Lance on his side and drove his massive dick into him at an angle. Balls deep, the two kissed hard and passionately, Lance getting comfortable by putting his foot on Jacob's leg. Jacob pumped his fat, hard cock in and out of Lance's accommodating hole, sometimes so fast that it seemed to catch Lance by surprise, making him whimper with what breath he had left in him.

The guys wasted no time getting into doggie style, Jacob running his hands through his bushy hair as he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking Lance's young ass. I loved seeing him lean forward, his chest on Lance's back, taking Lance's tongue in his mouth, sucking face and still fucking.

Once the guys were done fucking, Jacob got on his back and busted a fountain of white hot cum out of his incredible cock. Then, it was only a matter of moments before Lance was shooting his hot load of hell yes across Jacob's chest and sprinkling droplets onto his dick. I'd waited a while to work with both of these models, and both came ready to impress, leaving me wondering when I'll be able to get them back in the studio again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Lance ended the scene by thanking Jacob. Really, it's me who should be thanking both of them for an exhilaratingly hot performance.

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