Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, everything is bigger. He's skinny, has adorable ears, and perfectly coifed hair. He's also packing one of the biggest cocks to ever grace GuyBone.


Jacob's Solo

There's no order too tall for this tall Texan. Jacob came to stay with us for a long weekend and had to shoot a lot of scenes in a very short amount of time. What a trooper! Not only did he accomplish what he came to do, he came big while doing it.

Guess it's true what they say, "everything is bigger in Texas." Jacob proved this when he lost his shorts and began rubbing his stiff cock through his boxers. Offering up teasing glimpses of it through the leg of his underwear, I could see his dick growing with excitement, the head glistening with pre cum. He flexed and curled his toes. I could tell he was enjoying getting himself hard, and enjoying giving me a show.

He pulled his hardon out of his boxers and I was even more impressed than I thought I'd be. Soon after came his big, beautiful balls and I knew I was in for a treat with this one. He jerked his enormous pole, getting it stiff as wood, stretched and squeezed his ball sack, churning up a hot load of boy batter.

He lost the boxers and began slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft, making sure to collect and wrinkle up as much foreskin as a cut guy can. The head of his dick was so hard and swollen, it looked ready to burst. I was ready for it to. He snapped the behemoth rod against his stomach a couple times and I thought he'd injure himself. His dick was so big and his body so skinny, it must have felt like a punch to the gut from a stick of salami.

The Texan began to moan and writhe in pleasure on the bed and I knew it was time for him to cum. He shot far and plenty the first time, getting it into his own mouth, and then continued pumping out hot shots of jizz across his chest and stomach. It just kept coming, bucket loads of cum, just as hot as the cock it was rocketing out of. Just when I thought he was done, he'd shoot another giant streak. Cleaning himself up in proper fashion, he gathered cum up and licked the tasty load from his fingers.

Jacob had a lot to prove, coming all the way from Texas to shoot for us. But with a nice, tight body, a cute face, a gigantic cock, and a load that just won't quit, he proved he was worth every mile he traveled... and then some.

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