Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah is that boy next door you crushed hard on at summer camp, then fell in love with as he grew into an absolutely adorable, hot goofball. From the Haus of Someone (as in Joel Someone), Jonah joins GuyBone and makes all our dreams cum true! He's super sweet, has a wicked sexy smile, make you melt chocolate eyes, and a hot dad mustache ready for giving rides.


Jay and Jonah Flip Raw

“Oh, shit, dude,” Jay exhaled as Jonah retrieved his stiffening cock from his shorts and began licking it. These two were an instant match and I was so ready to see them sex each other. Jonah’s perfectly mustached mouth made out with Jay’s growing boner, pleasing the pup’s penis extremely. The excited otter slipped out of his shorts and undies and gave his full shaft to Jonah. He was in supreme need of servicing and Jonah was made for the job. He buried his tongue in Jay’s furry butt, rimming his hole to eternity and back. They kissed, Jay tasting his private parts on Jonah’s lips. Then he returned the oral favor, slurping down Jonah’s thick erection to the base, tasting every inch. What a good pup!

Jonah fed Jay his cock, their furry bodies complimenting one another as they got each other harder and hornier. Jay lapped that long dong with his broad tongue then turned his butt around for Jonah to eat more. He pulled his cheeks apart and gasped as Jonah’s talented tongue teased his asshole. Two hot studs, ready for some raw action. Jay stripped naked to match his costar and slid that bareback bone into his hole slowly. Jonah filled his tight ass completely, feeling his balls rest against that beautiful butt.

He began thrusting, fucking his new friend faster. Jay encouraged more SPUNK Lube for his furry boy hole. Then they really got into the slippery screwing. Jonah entered Jay from behind, doing him doggy style on the sofa. Hatted Jay took every hump, pushing back against Jonah, giving himself totally. They kissed and Jonah stroked Jay’s stiff dick as he worked on his hole with his pole. He got Jay on his back for some legs up missionary. They gazed into each other’s beautiful eyes as they sexed. Jay moaned in ecstasy as Jonah filled his furry ass. With his cute, hairy feet on Jonah’s chest, Jay relaxed and felt every bit of that bone. They fit together perfectly and I was entranced.

Jonah rotated Jay’s gorgeous body to get inside him deeper, then they flipped positions so Jay could experience topping his bud. I love flip fucking so both guys get to feel it all. Jay slid his thick dick inside Jonah and went to town whaling on his hole. Jonah’s dick was stone as he sucked face with Jay and let the horny lil pup pound his pleasure spot. They felt each other fully. They loved the sex thoroughly. Jay was hornier than ever, humping at max speed, needing to feel ass on his shaft. He also needed to breed boy hole, and with Jonah’s encouragement, pleading, his shot his seed inside his partner’s ass. He showed it off and Jonah scooped some cum up to use as lube as he jerked his own boner. Jay kept pounding his ass, churning the load in his hole. He did him doggie for a moment before they flipped again, Jonah needing to top that delicious ass again before nutting.

Jay’s sexy toes curled around Jonah’s pecs once more as the bedfellows boned in missionary. They were such a treat to behold. They sexed expertly, Jonah snarling and sniffing Jay’s feet as he fucked him raw. Jay’s ass hair curled around Jonah’s shaft as he screwed him. Sheer perfection. Jonah got on his back and Jay ate his hole good and sloppy, interspersed with fingering. He munched that hot butt while big balls rested on his nose. Jonah jerked his dick, working up a hot load for his pup’s bearded mug. He stood, shot his sperm all over Jay’s hungry mouth and tongue, face, beard, body. Jay lapped up the load and gulped it down. Jonah kissed him and they snowballed the seed. So much jizz swirling around their tongues. Jonah collapsed back on the couch and Jay cuddled and nuzzled him. Bros hugging it out after a fucking stellar flip fuck! Big WOOF, gentlemen. Naps earned.

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