Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Riley Landon

Riley Landon

WOOF, whatta pup! Riley Landon is a sexy lil package, hairy in all the perfect places and horny for all the flip fucking fun you can shake a stick at. His body is shredded, his head is shaved, and his mug is bearded - quite the trifecta.


Jay and Riley Flip Raw

Jay slipped his hat on as Riley pulled his off, two pups getting comfortable for their flip fuck scene. Riley was busy kissing and nibbling Jay's furry torso, making the adorable pup grin ear to ear. Their mouths met when they both hopped up on their knees, beards scruffing as they sucked face. Jay was quick to retrieve Riley's hard bone from his britches and put it between his lips. They were both stripped naked before I realized, dicks rock hard, aimed for the ceiling, Riley's heavy loose nuts swinging and slapping against Jay's chin as he sucked his stiff one. It was already evident their chemistry was off the charts. So much so, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

Jay slid onto all fours as he serviced his costar, letting Riley pull his ass cheeks apart to tease that hairy hole. They swapped spots and Riley gobbled down Jay's impressive schlong. Jay fingered Riley's equally fuzzy peach and it was evident these two were incredibly well paired. The moans, the slurps, the collars jingling were all audible erotica. And the way they kissed, heaven to my ears.

Two very horny pups were undeniably present for their play date. Riley buried his face in Jay's delicious hole, stroking his erect cock all the while. Their pits, their legs, their chests, their asses, bushes and beards were so fucking hairy. What a sight! Riley devoured Jay's juicy ass, spanking him sexily and sending his fellow pup into a playful frenzy. The way Riley rolled his eyes back, totally in lust with Jay's hairy hole hugging his tongue, was epically hot to watch.

Riley kept Jay in doggie and spit on his cock before nudging it into his ass, bareback, of course. It must have been a tight fit because they both moaned in ecstasy. Riley started humping Jay, his hips plowing into Jay's jiggling butt cheeks. His heavy nuts hung low and slapped hard as he railed his pup raw. Riley didn't hold back. He boned his bud hardcore and with a hot fury. Jay's own red rocket was fully engorged as Riley filled his hole up with raging hard wood. Every time he called him “good boy,” all of our cocks jumped.

The boys were ready to flip fuck, but first Jay needed to wet and ready Riley's hairy hole. He munched his butt as they watched themselves in the mirror. What a view! Riley pushed his ass into Jay's face, begging for more of that bearded mug scratching against his pucker. Jay obliged, absolutely eating that ass to perfection. He tugged at Riley's low hanging balls, he jerked his dick, and then he lubed his bone with SPUNK and slid it inside that warm, welcoming back door.

He fucked him equally hardcore, also showing off his own nut slapping skills. The way Riley moaned, deep and guttural as a bottom, was divine and all the proof Jay needed that he was doing a great job as top dog. Riley's bare feet and Jay's socked gave me all the foot fetish folly I needed. Jay's slightly curved shaft looked magnificent sliding in and out of Riley's accommodating ass. Fuck, their sex was on fire!

Having proven they were both powerful in either position, the pups decided to flip again. Jay was on his back on the bed, Riley's fingers knuckle deep in his under wonder. They both jerked their hard cocks and whimpered as they played. The fingering had loosened Jay again for the fucking. Riley got his dick inside and went to town. Their face to face contact and kissing while screwing was intensely hot. Riley tossed Jay's socked feet on his shoulders and annihilated his ass. The growling and snarling began as Riley drove his dick deeper and harder into Jay's hole. They were tearing each other up sexually and loving every second of it.

Jay sucked Riley's stiff dick a bit more over on the chair, then Riley rimmed him again enough to get his ass wet. He invited Jay to climb on top of him and take a seat on his raw cock. Jay did so and Riley's dick once again fit perfectly inside his beautiful butt. He bounced up and down on the steel shaft, Riley holding his hips tight. My favorite was when Riley thrust so fucking hard into Jay, he lifted them off the chair. Twice. They switched positions again, Jay on top, pinning Riley to the chair in doggie. He slammed his cock into him, banging so hard I thought they'd break each other. Fuck, they were so horny and hairy. Perfection.

Jay spit on his hand and jerked Riley's boner as he butt fucked him bareback on the chair. He sniffed and kissed his sweaty pits then they were back on the bed for cumshots. These two hairy pups were truly flip fuckers, flying back and forth between top and bottom. Riley spit on his cock and shoved it inside Jay. He lifted his costar's legs sky high and screwed him silly. Jay jerked himself off, blasting a big load of bro batter across his happy trail as Riley buried his bone deep in his backyard.

Riley scooped some cum up and tasted it, then fed some to Jay. WOOF! He even used some as lube as he continued to fuck Jay. Damn, his toned ass looked so hot thrusting into Jay. He pumped hard and fast, working his dick up. Jay kept jerking, loving the sensation of a post-cum fuck. His prostate was taking the punching it so desperately needed. Riley reached climax and pulled out to paint his partner pup's brunette hole creamy white. Then he eased himself back inside Jay and let his dick rest, breeding his good boy with plenty of pups. They kissed and licked each other, rocking back and forth, feeling the connection they still had with dick in ass. These bros were bonded by a mind-blowing bareback flip fuck and you'll be forever one with them after you see it!

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