Eli Woods

Eli Woods

Seriously one of the sexiest GuyBone Guys, Eli is hairy from head to toe and hung like a sex god! He loves pinning willing bottoms to the bed with his huge cock. And he's versatile, so we'll see him sharing that tight hole eventually.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.


Jay Tops Eli Raw

Eli was about to head out of the country on a round the world adventure, and I’d yet to see him bottom on GuyBone. After filming both Eli and Jay in their own smoking hot scenes with Jonah, it only made sense to get the two of them together quickly before his travels. What a pair. Furry, fucking horned to the brim, and ready for bareback action. Eli wanted to be the dom bottom, using Jay’s thick dick as his fuck toy, and the eager pup was happy to accommodate. They stripped out of their comfies and Eli slid to his knees to suck Jay stiff. In seconds, the hairy top was rock hard and ready for more. His thick, curved cock climbed out of his forest of sexy, dark pubes and towered toward Eli’s hungry mouth. Eli serviced him like a pro, getting him even harder and hornier for what was to come.

Eli directed his sub top to sit on the floor so he could squat over him on the bed to receive head. How fucking hot seeing him slide his big dick down into Jay’s bearded lips as Jay tugged on his own bone. Jay nursed his dick, making it plump up. But the focus soon shifted to Eli’s hole, which Jay couldn’t wait to put his tongue in. He rimmed him upside down, tongue flicking across the hairy surface of Eli’s tight ass. He moved back and forth between butt and boner, orally enjoying both.

Eli moved them into a sexy 69 so he could get his mouth in on the fun. He gulped down Jay’s girthy rod as the hungry pup devoured his derrière some more. What a perfect circle their bodies made. One gorgeous fur ball. As Jay thrust his erect dick to the back of Eli’s throat, he drove his tongue as deep as he could into his welcoming hole. Eli bent over the bed rail to give Jay perfect access to his ass. Jay ate it like an expert and got it so wet and ready to be fucked.

They shared the SPUNK Lube, Eli stroking it onto Jay’s raging hard-on, then his own hairy hole. They were ready for a roll in the sheets. Jay entered Eli raw and easy. Eli’s ass opened to him, taking his length fully. Quickly in, Eli told the pup he could start pounding away and Jay did, but almost came cuz it felt so damn good. He took a tiny break and was back at it, on his back, Eli riding his bareback boner beautifully.

Jay pulled Eli’s butt cheeks apart to show off his shaft sliding in and out of his ass. What a fucking view! Eli bounced up and down on Jay’s dick, then squatted over it and let Jay pound his prostate. Jay’s heavy, low hanging nuts slapped against his hairy butt as he whaled. Eli turned around so his floppy cock could flail around as he rode Jay’s dick reverse cowboy. What a showman! Always thinking of the folks watching at home. Then he got on his back and I underneath them to see Jay’s bouncing balls slam against Eli’s ass as he screwed him. Eli told him to tease his hole, so Jay did. “Good Boy” was given a lot, and well deserved. Their sex was on fire and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

On the brink of cumming, Jay gave his warning, then pulled out and shot across Eli’s taint per request. He pushed his seeding, sperming penis back inside Eli to breed him. Then it was immediately Eli’s turn to ejaculate. He shot up Jay’s happy trail and all down his hand and pubes. His socked feet flexed on Jay’s furry chest and his toes curled in ecstasy as he orgasmed hard. He brought the pup over to him for postcoital cuddles, commingling their cum covered cocks and bodies, exclaiming that’s what everyone needs on a Sunday. Agreed, Eli. Agreed so hard! WOOF fellas!

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