Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Luke North

Luke North

So funny, Luke North will have you in stitches before seducing you into the sheets. Beefy with bulging muscles and brooding features, he looks like a tough guy. But under the masculine exterior, there's a teddy bear who loves to laugh and cuddle.


Jay Tops Luke Raw

Jay needed to be rewarded for being such a good boy. He'd quarantined for 7 months with no sex and was ready to bust when we invited him to film with Luke. His hairy nuts were heavy with cum and he needed to empty them (twice, in fact). The horndog wasted no time getting acquainted with his new costar, his sexual savior. Licking pits, sucking face, sniffing crotches. There was much worshipping to be done and two very eager bodies ready and willing.

Luke got to work nibbling on those furry nips and devouring Jay's bushy armpits. They pressed their tented shorts against each other, feeling throbbing bones through the fabric. They snuggled up on the sofa and Luke smooched his way down Jay's sexy, tight body. Jay's face and whimpers expressed clearly how urgently he needed to be serviced sexually. He was literally ready to explode.

Pent up doesn't begin to describe Jay's prick, even after Luke released it from his skivvies. He was steel stiff and twitching up and down with the slightest touch from Luke. The cubby beefcake took big whiffs of that forrest of pubes before driving his broad tongue inside Jay's starved for attention asshole. Even though Jay is versatile, he was just there to top. But I love watching a top get his ass eaten before he fucks in return. It's a sad day when the top doesn't get any love for his hot hole. And Luke had plenty of love to give Jay's hot hole.

Luke promised to take care of Jay, and he did exactly that. He sat Jay back and sucked his dick deep and passionately and very very wet. That big bone filled his cheek and rammed the back of his throat. The slurping sounds filled the room and hardened everyone's dicks even more. Deepthroat daddy Luke proved his oral skills on Jay's slick shaft, sending the little otter into moaning frenzies. Spit dripped down Jay's ball sack. The pair kissed hard and deep, sharing some more of that wonderful slobber. Then Jay climbed up on top of his big ole bottom and slapped him up, rubbed him down, and ate his ass.

Jay's talented tongue worked its magic on Luke's excited hole. They traded pup play chatter as Jay worked diligently eating that ass. He was so ready to fuck, he could barely contain his craving. To ready Luke's hole more, Jay spit on his fingers and eased them in. He finger fucked his hole while his tongue lapped Luke's nuts and dick. Oh, Luke, you lucky dog, to be the one to help Jay have his sexual reawakening after a 7 month hiatus. WOOF!

Jay needed his raging erection inside Luke's loosened hole ASAP. They lubed up with SPUNK and Luke sat on Jay's stone shaft, taking it balls deep inside. Their bareback sex was scintillating from the second their parts made contact. Jay thrust fast and hard, filling Luke up with his hard bone. He'd needed it so bad, for so long. They moved over to the window so Jay could fuck Luke raw in doggie. The friction from that wet, tight asshole must have felt incredible on his rock hard rod, because horny pup Jay needed only to nail for a moment in that position before he was ready to bust. His low-hanging, hairy balls banged against Luke's taint, helping bring him to climax. He just needed to fuck. So animalistic. So primal. So fucking hot.

Jay pulled out and planted his seed on Luke's hungry tongue. You could feel the weight lift from his sexually starved body. He nearly deflated, he came so much. Luke lapped up every drop, gladly gulping down that delicious pup nut. There was no stopping the horndog from fucking more, though, and he resumed screwing Luke, over on the bed. Love a guy who can go for an immediate round two.

Now that he'd released some of that pent up pearl jam, Jay was free to fuck even more aggressively, if possible. He annihilated Luke's ass, giving no mercy, and Luke adored him for it. The stocky sexpot sucked the leftover cum from Jay's fingers as he gave up his ass for more bareback boning. Jay fucked him so fucking hard, fast as fast can be. He showed off their sex and smothered himself in Luke's soft hand, running his tongue between his fingers.

Back over on the sofa, Jay screwed Luke silly. They worked each other's bodies over, watching their fun in the mirror. The skin slapping sounds were heaven and just made everyone all the more horny. They finished up on the bed, Jay dominating Luke's hole until Luke was ready to pop. He jerked his cock and shot his load in an eruption of white raindrops across his stomach and arm. Jay busted his second nut at the same time, internally, breeding his beefy bottom like the good bro pup he was. He pulled out and came a bit more, then shoved his spermy cock back inside to finish fucking his seed nice and deep. He bent over, licked Luke's cum from his arm, and spit it into his mouth. They snowballed sexily, spit and jizz dripping down Luke's cheek. And holy fuck, did we all know we had one helluva scene on our hands. We know you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

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