Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Jay Davis is a studio boy who I really had to hunt down to recruit. I am so glad I got him because he's a perfect fit for GuyBone. He's sexy and hairy as hell, he's got that perfect skater pup look that gets my dick rock hard, and he's a totally sweet professional.

Ryan Powers

Ryan Powers

Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you.


Jay Tops Ryan Raw

It'd been a year since I'd filmed with Jay Davis. Let's just say I was going through the same withdrawals you were from not having more of this fucking hot little furball on our site. When Ryan Powers came to visit, I knew I had found the perfect opportunity to get Jay back on camera. With hairy, hung otter Ryan as my bait, I lured Jay back to the bedroom and the rest is yours for enjoyment.

They started the scene with some very sexy lip smacking and body fondling. Jay had Ryan's growing cock out of his short shorts in no time and I was beyond turned on watching these two nibble and paw at each other. Jay went to work sucking Ryan's beautiful boner. He's so fucking good at giving head. I could watch it for hours. When Ryan undid Jay's pants and pulled his impressive hardon from his boxer briefs, I nearly came. Such pent up excitement bubbling between these two.

Jay stripped down and offered his steel rod to Ryan for some oral satisfaction. Ryan gulped down his rock solid erection while Jay stroked Ryan's throbbing member and fingered his tight, fuzzy butt. He alternated between one finger and two, opening that tight back door a little bit. Ryan moved up to meet Jay's mouth, giving him a hot kiss, then turned around and took a seat on Jay's face. He gently played with Jay's cock while the horny pup tongue fucked his hairy hole. If I could watch Jay suck dick for hours, I could watch him eat ass for days. This position was super hot to see Ryan in, squatted over Jay's bearded mug, spreading those cheeks wide so his cute little costar could properly rim him.

Ryan moved into 69 so he could suck that big dick and those hairy balls again. Jay wasn't complaining about getting Ryan's hard cock down his throat one more time either. Fuck, I love a good 69, getting to see both boned guys servicing each other simultaneously. They had both kept their socks on, which I found hot as hell. I love feet, any kind, bare, socked, flip-flopped, you name it. It worked nicely for these two, seeing those crazy hairy legs, naked to the world save for two pairs of socks. They slobbed knobs sexily in 69 and then Jay was ready to top in doggie.

He lubed his bare bone with SPUNK and slid it inside Ryan's delicious ass. Ryan took the dick but moaned in pleasure / pain. He pulled his butt cheeks open so Jay could see his work space. Ryan is much taller than Jay, which sometimes doesn't work when having sex. But these two looked perfect together. Seeing shorter Jay mount and hump tall, lean Ryan was sending me into a frenzy. The same was true for Jay. He was so turned on he said he needed to slow down. I can only imagine how right he was, feeling so close to cumming after fucking that heavenly ass for such a short time.

He flipped Ryan onto his back, socked feet and legs skyward, and spit into his mouth. FUCK! I hadn't seen something so downright masculine in a while. Jay dominated his taller costar, pounding his hole with his thick, intimidating dick. Ryan was all grunts and moans and exclamations. Jay sniffed Ryan's socked foot and my head spun. These two were doing everything I wanted to see without me having to ask. Fuck, what a show!

Ryan sat on Jay's solid shaft next, his ass engulfing it gut deep. Jay had never looked harder or bigger than in this position. His cock was giant, his nuts perfectly poised. Ryan's toned ass bounced on his big dick and Jay was all smiles. His toes curled inside his socks and he rocked his hips and hairy legs back and forth to get as much of his length inside that warm hole with each thrust as he could. I loved how they took turns in the drivers seat. Ryan would ride the fuck outta that cock then Jay would take the reigns and screw him so hard I thought his nuts would explode from the smacking they were doing against Ryan's butt.

Jay had to slow down again to avoid busting early, but when he said he was ready to cum a third time, I let him. He pulled his aching cock out of Ryan's ass just long enough to shoot one ribbon of jizz, then tucked it back inside and finished unloading his raw seed from within. Ryan soaked up every ounce and used it to fuel his own cumshot. He jerked his dick as he continued to ride Jay's cock, spraying a crystal clear load of semen across Jay's hairy chest. Jay tasted what remained in Ryan's piss slit and then Ryan fed him what had landed on his thumb. They fell into each other with one final, wet kiss and I knew fate had brought us all together for this reason.

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