Daniel Brand

Daniel Brand

Daniel looks great with glasses and without. Damn, he's hot, regardless. With his slim, toned body and his enormous uncut cock that oozes pre cum at the slightest turn on, Daniel is a definite must-have for our collection.

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.



Mano was an answer to our porn god prayers when we visited Hawaii. Lucky for us, he also visits the mainland. He's got the best abs on the site and his shaved head reminds me of the sexy uncle I never had.


Jeremy and Mano Top Daniel

You want a hot 3way? Look no further. Jeremy and Mano tag teamed Daniel's perfect ass and it makes for one hell of a hot scene!

The second anal group scene GuyBone has filmed, we tried to step it up a notch with more of what you'd like to see... which is what we also wanted to see!

The guys started off naked, because who needs clothes? Tongues darted in and out of mouths, slathered up and down hard shafts, and poked and prodded one very welcoming asshole.

After a hot circle suck session, Mano was first up to bat, shoving his rock hard cock inside Daniel's familiar hole. He fucked him hard, knowing Daniel loved the feel of his swollen rod. Then Jeremy took his turn, filling Daniel's eager ass with his equally thick stiffy.

My favorite part was when Daniel took hold of the reigns and squatted above Jeremy's fat dick, taking it between his cheeks inch by inch. Then, when he wanted to share the wealth of his hole, he hopped over onto Mano's ready and waiting cock. Back and forth until his legs couldn't take the squatting anymore, Daniel rode both of those cocks like a pro.

By the time the two tops had their fill of fucking, Mano decided he wanted to swallow both guys' hot loads. He positioned himself in the middle and Daniel jerked off into his open mouth. Following suit by seconds, Jeremy blasted his biggest cumshot yet all over the side of Mano's face and chin (don't worry, Mano got some in his mouth, too, when he cleaned the extra cum dripping off both still hard cocks). Then, Mano finished himself off and the three ended the scene with a kiss.

There's really only one way to accurately describe this 3way scene. And that's: Hot. Hotter. Hottest.

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