Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a studio guy who we met through our model Kyle. Frankly, I'm so enamored by his sexiness. He's got the darkest hair I've ever seen, which stands out against his pale skin perfectly.

Jordan Jaxson

Jordan Jaxson

Jordan is a totally innocent-looking twink who definitely has a wilder side. He's completely turned on by being filmed. It gets his nice, tall, thick dick rock hard.


Jeremy Tops Jordan

These two hotties got together kind of spur of the moment, but the scene couldn't have turned out more delicious. It was Jordan's first time bottoming for GuyBone, and Jeremy was in the mood to pound some nice, young ass. His wish was my command... and my pleasure.

Their two bodies couldn't have been more different - Jeremy with his dark, hairy chest, crotch, and legs and Jordan with his completely shaved body. The two looked great together, though, and after a bit of making out, Jeremy got busy slurping on Jordan's huge cock.

Jordan couldn't wait to get his lips wrapped around Jeremy's fat dick, too, and quickly moved them into the 69 position. There the guys enjoyed deepthroating each others massive erections until Jeremy decided he wanted to rim for a hot minute before stuffing his impressive stiff member into Jordan's tight ass.

His wide rod was a bit too much for Jordan at first, who needed to take a breather. Funny, coming from a guy with an even bigger cock. Once they got their rhythm down, and Jordan loosened up, it was smooth fucking for the two studs.

Jordan blasted a hot load down Jeremy's hairy chest, soaking him in cum. I had Jeremy bust his nut all over a piece of glass so we could enjoy seeing it splatter and trickle down. Then he delighted me by rubbing his big stiff boner all over the glass, spreading his seed in big white streaks.

Even though the shoot was thrown together almost last minute, Jeremy and Jordan showed sometimes you don't need to plan ahead for hot chemistry and a stunning, sexy shoot.

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