Jesse B Moore

Jesse B Moore

Jesse is shy and sweet, a sexy dancer who knows how to use his body. Once you get him stripped and in the sack, he incorporates all the right moves and has you begging for more. The most sensual green eyes, a scruffy beard and body, and a whopping thick, uncut cock you will let him do anything with.

Patch Evans

Patch Evans

I don't think I've met a GuyBone Guy before Patch who gave me the biggest, warmest, knowing hug right off the bat, as if we'd been friends for years. Instantly putting everyone in the room at ease with his boy next door charisma and sexy, goofy sense of humor, he's one to watch. And know.


Jesse and Patch Flip Raw

Goddamn. Starting out naked and rock fucking hard on the bed, their boners rising out of sexy forests of brunette pubes, Patch was kind enough to introduce us to his bud Jesse and the rest, as you’ll see, is fucking intense. I’ve only had one scene in 12 years where I never stopped the camera because the guys just kept going with beautiful chemistry and no breaks. This was the second time it happened. They never quit. Fucking Energizer Bunnies, sucking and bareback flip fucking their way to ecstasy.

Two gorgeous otters, dusted in fur and with sexy toned bodies ready for the worshipping. Their kisses were tender but hot as hell and they couldn’t get enough of each other’s senses. Jesse’s mouth ended up on Patch’s cock first, tonguing his erect penis and licking his furry balls. They were a super complimentary pair, holding hands while Jesse blew Patch. Patch’s legs flipped up and Jesse planted his warm tongue inside that hairy hole. What they didn’t say spoke volumes in their eyes as they gazed at each other.

Jesse made love to Patch’s ass with his wet mouth. Patch’s socked feet skyward drove my dick wild. Patch ran his fingers through Jesse’s hair and enjoyed the rim job.

The whimpers began almost immediately, two boys making each other’s bodies feel fucking bodacious. They made out and stroked each other’s boners. I could have watched that all day. Jesse’s thick, uncut dick ended up down Patch’s throat pretty quickly, the sexy servant obediently orally satisfying that shaft. He went back and forth between blowing and rimming, completely readying his partner for the impending fuck.

Their furry parts were perfection. Pits, pubes, beards and torsos hairy and making them horny to the max. Jesse sat on Patch’s raging erection first, slowly taking it all the way inside his ass. He began to ride it, his beautiful butt opening up, showing off that sexy fur and scintillating screwing. Jesse slid a finger into Patch’s hole, pressing on his prostate while he topped. Patch went nuts feeling the best of both worlds. Then Jesse traded his finger for his big cock and the flip fuck had begun.

Jesse’s behemoth bone filled Patch’s tight hole to the brim and as he began pounding his ass harder, they both entered a different realm of sex. Vocal, sweaty, wild and raw. He held onto Patch’s hard-on like it was his favorite toy. He slammed his ass good and hard and then Patch was ready to flip again. He got Jesse on his back and entered him fully. Fuck, their privates looked so perfect together. Hardcore hammering with the intimacy you’ve come to love from their time together, Patch whaled on Jesse’s hole with his hard cock, thrusting into him fast and furious. Jesse climbed on top to ride to climax and Patch’s cock must have hit his spot just right because he blasted his cumshot across Patch’s chest and cheek, plastering the pretty otter in boy batter. It hit the bed, it painted his arm. It was a jizzsplosion! Patch is a big cum fan, licking it up from his hairy chest and straight from the tap of Jesse’s leaking cock head, tasting every bit of semen he could. Jesse tasted some of himself and then they had one of the hottest closing kisses I’ve ever seen. Fuck, fellas, this was all fire. Fucking well done. And welcome to the fold, Jesse! Patch sure knows how to pick em!

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