JJ Kohl

JJ Kohl

Sweet, sexy, handsome honey badger JJ Kohl is built for cuddling your heart out before fucking your brains out. He's a wonderfully vers, perfectly hung, healthy-assed hunk of man meat that you can't wait to sink your teeth into. He's got teddy bear charm and a white stripe in his beard that says look at my beautiful mug, crush on me hard.

Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Parker Allen is cute as fuck and even furrier! He's unbelievably sexy and his pics don't do justice to the in-person version. He's incredibly charming and has a smile that'll melt you fast.


JJ Tops Parker Raw

WOOOOOOF! All the studs always roll in for Folsom and this year I was lucky enough to snag a shoot with JJ and Parker. It’d been years since I’d filmed with either of them, so this was a long overdue get together. What a hot pairing - furry, hung, bearded and boned for each other. Happy, horny times were happening! They kissed mad passionately on the bed, JJ pulling off Parker’s jersey to reveal a harness, ready for action. Under his shorts were a matching leather jock. Fucking hot. Under JJ’s shorts, a raging erection ready for Parker to release and manhandle.

Their beefy bodies complimented each other so incredibly. Tattoos, nipple piercings, tummy fur. So sexy. Parker was tasting JJ’s dick pretty quickly, then more making out. Which I love. Their smoldering smooching was sensational. JJ tossed Parker’s legs in the air and tasted his hairy hole. Divine. His own bubble butt flexed beautifully as he pushed his hard cock into the mattress, licking and sucking and spitting on that perfect hole of Parker’s.

JJ tossed aside Parker’s jock so they could both be dicks to the wind. He plopped his thick boner between his lips and took it deep down his wet throat. He gagged on it, complementing Parker’s girth, and worshipped it sufficiently. Then he got up on his knees and offered his stiffy to hungry Parker. Harnessed Parker obliged gleefully, sucking JJ’s long, rock hard cock on his stomach, gorgeous bare feet swinging in the background. He slurped, he gurgled, and he nodded in approval as JJ held his head on his hard-on to make sure it touched the farthest part of his throat.

He spun his bottom around and dove face first into his ass again, wetting it once more before plugging it with his prick. He eased and inched his raging erection inside Parker’s raw hole and tightened his fists around the harness for leverage. He filled his ass completely and they shared the sex, taking turns between Parker pushing back on it and JJ thrusting into him. Then he climbed on his back, screwing his hole and pushing him flat against the mattress.

Like two animals in heat, JJ fucked Parker in doggy, just stabbing the hell out of his hole. This bareback boning was one for the books! They moved to the window seat to take in a view of the city and at the same time give anyone in a neighboring window a free sex show. Hope they enjoyed what they saw, cuz I sure did! JJ topped Parker in doggy on the bench, feeding his hungry hole every inch of his big dick. The way Parker’s hot butt cheeks rippled every time JJ slammed into him was breathtaking.

Parker was ready to ride so he sat down on JJ’s stiff dick, getting his squats in for leg day. He rode it up and down, enjoying every fucking inch of that hot cock. Here more than ever it was evident their bodies were built to be together. Fuck, they fit perfectly! When Parker wasn’t holding the window sill for stability, he was locked in a steamy embrace with JJ, hug fucking his bro. Parker’s own boner rubbed and bounced across JJ’s very hairy happy trail as he bounced and bucked on his partner’s cock.

JJ’s face said he was getting close to cumming and Parker wasn’t dismounting until his hole was bred with a fresh load. He railed his ass down on that dick hard and fast, bringing JJ to climax with skill and determination. JJ busted inside Parker with a masculine bellow, pumping him full of his seed. Parker stood up and saved the nut in his ass to feel it the rest of the day at Folsom. He gobbled up the extra drop of jizz oozing from JJ’s piss slit then got to work jerking his own cock off.

Here’s the thing - nothing gets me off faster when I’m finishing myself than watching my partner jerk his cock simultaneously. Showing off. Stroking just for me. Watching that perfect penis being pleasured. Gets me off in seconds. Clearly, Parker and I (and likely some of you) share that lustful voyeurism because he came all over himself while watching JJ jerk his dick. You can see his love of cock in his eyes as he masturbates. Touching yourself while gazing at another man touching himself. So fucking hot. Post cum, JJ tasted Parker’s sperm as well and they shared a farewell Folsom kiss. Let’s not wait so long to film next time, fellas. Big fan of you both!

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