Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young. The one I desperately fantasized about fucking.

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah Wheeler

Jonah is that boy next door you crushed hard on at summer camp, then fell in love with as he grew into an absolutely adorable, hot goofball. From the Haus of Someone (as in Joel Someone), Jonah joins GuyBone and makes all our dreams cum true! He's super sweet, has a wicked sexy smile, make you melt chocolate eyes, and a hot dad mustache ready for giving rides.


Joel and Jonah Flip Raw

Returning for more bareback brotherly love, Joel and Jonah left adorable baby bro Edison Garett with a sitter so they could enjoy some one on one raw flip-fucking just between the big bros. If you saw their 3way scene, Big, Middle, Little Bros, you know these guys never run out of sexual energy and their chemistry is out of this world.

They slid their pants to their knees and Jonah dropped down on Joel’s raging erection. What handsome cocks these guys both have. Jonah had missed Joel’s dick and serviced it accordingly, savoring every suck and lick. Joel wet and teased his bro’s hole with his finger. Then he retuned the oral favor, gobbling down Jonah’s bone balls deep. He gulped that gorgeous hard-on as he jerked his own. They were horny to the brim and about to overflow.

Jonah was up first to bottom. He assumed the position of doggie so Joel could rim and ready him. Then he slid his big bro boner deep inside his little buddy until his bushy pubes rested against Jonah’s tight butt cheeks. He humped and pumped that delicious hole, mounting Jonah to give me a beautiful shot from behind, showing off both their big dicks and beautiful, hairy assholes.

Black socks still on, Joel fucked his fam hard and raw. Jonah ate that dick up, clamoring for more. Their bodies fit together so fucking perfectly. They were made to have sex with each other. Joel spread Jonah’s legs wide and gave him a reason to make those glorious grimaces. He stuffed his ass so full of long, steel shaft. Then they flipped again with the slippery help of SPUNK Lube so Jonah could feel Joel’s hairy hole hugging his hard dick.

I love Joel on top, but fucking hell I can’t get enough of him on bottom. The faces, the whimpers, the near tears from his overjoyed, enlightened experience. It’s truly magical to watch him getting fucked. He’s so emotional and descriptive and sentimental with his sex. And Jonah is as talented a top as he is a bottom, so seeing them flip-fuck was heaven. After Jonah did Joel in doggie, he turned him over to screw him while seeing that beautiful face. He pounded himself into Joel’s muscular, beefy butt, even bending over to taste the tip of Joel’s erection as he screwed him. And lest we forget the frenzy their fucking furry pits put me into. Bury my face in those nests? Yes, please!

Joel’s ass rippled in the most tantalizing waves as Jonah fucked him bareback in doggie again. Then they flipped and Joel shoved his massive cock deep inside Jonah’s pretty pink hole. He went from doing him to rimming him, eating that gorgeous ass with his prehensile tongue. Like a sexy snake, it worked around the inside and outside of Jonah’s enchanting entrance, wetting it for more raw roughhousing.

Joel got them into a scintillating 69 screwing position I don’t think I’d ever filmed before. They were both face down on the bed, Joel’s big dick buried inside Jonah, banging their butts together as they fucked. Wow, what a show! The reverse fuck was epic and then Jonah swallowed Joel’s schlong again. Joel presented his hairy balls for his bro to worship, then gagged and choked Jonah with his monster dong. They were both on Cloud 9.

The incredible flip-fuck brought them both to climax. Joel shot his load across Jonah’s adorable mustached mug and into his hungry mouth. Then Jonah kept his earlier promise of cumming inside his bro’s hole. He poked his prick inside Joel after painting his pucker with pearl jam. He bred his butt deep and made sure his seed stayed inside Joel’s hole. He marveled at the rope of jizz he’d drizzled down Joel’s taint and ballsack. They kissed and cuddled, wet cocks and holes exhausted but satisfied. There really is no greater love than that of a brother. These two share an unshakable bond. Just beautiful, boys. Beautiful and boner inducing.

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