Ari Koyote

Ari Koyote

Ari Koyote is the perfect tour guide into exciting, uncharted territory for GuyBone as our first trans dude. He's a sexy, polished boy next door who's dusted in dark fur, rad tats, and has the hottest bonus hole you've ever seen. Whip-smart, a bag of laughs, and one helluva good time in bed, Ari is everything you'd want in a partner and more.

Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young, the one I desperately fantasized about fucking, the one I wished would show me the ropes of manhood, then cover me in them. He's hairy and hung and his precum tastes sweet.


Joel Tops Ari Raw

Ari Koyote, GuyBone's first trans dude, explodes onto the site with an insanely sexy raw scene with the perfect costar, Joel Someone. They'd worked together before on fan site content and were more than excited to fuck for my camera. Being a huge Joel fan, I knew he'd help make the shoot a successful, comfortable one for both Ari and myself. What a fantastic duo they are, with so much unbridled sexual energy and passion flowing betwixt them.

Kissing and rubbing each other from the start, Joel could only keep himself from pulling Ari's underwear off for about a minute. He laid on his stomach and licked Ari's gorgeous pussy. Ari was turned on immediately, playing with his nips and running his hand through his thick, dark body fur. Both guys had glasses on and were giving me spectacular bespectacled sexiness. Ari moaned deep as Joel ate him out. His tongue worked magic while his legs bounced excitedly, no doubt dry humping the bed beneath him.

Wet and slobbery, Joel devoured Ari's boy hole. He teased the entrance with his talented tongue and lapped at his lips. Joel's pants fell to his knees and Ari popped up on his to suck that handsome cock. Joel's bushy pubes and low hanging nuts looked fantastic as Ari serviced him orally. His dick stiffened and he laid Ari back on the bed to get his boner inside him. He fucked Ari raw and rapid then invited the otter to taste his own sex juices on the shaft of Joel's schlong. Ari sucked him hard and with determination while Joel hammed for the camera.

Joel had Ari on his back again in no time, filling his hole up with big, hard wood. He held his legs out, spread eagle, and railed him divinely. Ari licked his fingers and played with his clit while Joel fucked him silly. Joel gripped Ari's sexy toes as he humped. I slid around back to see the action as Joel bent over and mounted Ari in missionary. Goddamn, what a view! He slammed his sausage into that hairy hole, his balls bouncing beautifully.

Ari's boy pussy grabbed onto Joel's mammoth cock and didn't let go. He was fucking eating that dick up! Juicy as a motherfucker, Joel was getting his hole all kinds of wet. Ari turned over into doggie and let Joel enter him from behind. Fuck, their bodies fit together perfectly! Joel filled him up, balls deep, and got him to give all the good gasps and grunts. The slurping sex noises their bodies created were giving me sex goosebumps, an aural orgasm. Joel pulled his prick out, ate Ari's pussy, then plunged his manhood back inside the boy, absolutely pounding him out from behind. He loved showing off Ari's hole and I loved looking. He went back in, screwing the otter at a downward angle that looked incredible. He massaged his clit while he nailed him, sending them both into a fucking frenzy.

Ari took control next, riding Joel's ramrod. He showed off both his hairy holes as he leaned forward and slid up and down on Joel's pole. What a magnificent sight! Joel grabbed hold of Ari's thick ass cheeks and guided him on his girthy-go-round. His dick plopped out and they were quick to stuff it back in that warm, wet crevice. Fuck, their sex was great! Ari flipped around to show off the front as he rode Joel's cock. Joel threw an “I love you, Jason” in there to express his gratitude for me bringing them together on camera, but it was I who owed them the thanks and love for gracing GuyBone with such a superbly sexy scene.

Ari was a regular cowboy, bucking and writhing on Joel's dong. His whole hairy, toned body was on full display and it was stunning. He fucked Joel hard and bareback, feeling skin to skin. Joel wanted to cum in missionary, so he climbed on top of Ari again and railed away until he bust in classic Joel fashion, exploding and bellowing all over the place. He painted Ari's happy trail with jizz and then planted his seed in that delicious hole, breeding it deep inside him. He scooted down, tasted himself on Ari's soaked pussy, and collapsed, spent, satisfied and sexed to heaven and back. Boy, what a grand slam by these two! Standing ovation, if legs weren't too weak from the sex shakes. Thanks for being our first trans model, Ari, you're an unforgettable treat. And Joel, always a complete pleasure. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go bust a nut to this HOT scene! Join me!

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