Dakota is a straight dude who does gay for pay. Slightly worried sex with dudes will ruin sex with chicks for him, he's set some rules for filming. He'll only bottom and only do the sucking.

Joel Someone

Joel Someone

Joel Someone might have the hottest, most exciting sexual energy of anyone I've ever worked with. He's like the uncle I wanted when I was young, the one I desperately fantasized about fucking, the one I wished would show me the ropes of manhood, then cover me in them. He's hairy and hung and his precum tastes sweet.


Joel Tops Dakota Raw

From the onset, Joel took Dakota in his capable, masculine hands and led him down a path of sexual discovery. A true couch coach, Joel got Dakota comfortable and began touching him. He introduced a sex toy, the Sqweel XT for Men, to Dakota's dick and the attraction was instant. Like an instructor uncle teaching his nephew how to play with himself for the first time, Joel massaged Dakota's growing girth inside the simulator. Dakota's big dick plumped up nicely, giving Joel plenty to work with. He described how he liked to use it on himself, and which angles and speeds felt the most satisfying on his shaft. The education on satisfaction was so stimulating, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Joel tasted Dakota's dick head and precum. He jostled his own throbbing cock inside his sweats. Then he tossed his young costar's legs up and started licking his shaved hole. Dakota relished the feeling of that long, wet tongue on his pucker. He was writhing from the simultaneous stimulation of the sex toy and the rim job. Joel was ready for his turn, so he stood and pulled his sweats down, offering his giant, pulsing prick to Dakota. He told him to wet it before using the toy. Then he was ready to receive his return play from the pleasure product. He instructed him on how to blow his big dick while also playing with the toy. The swirling sound it made coupled with the slurping made by Dakota was aural erotica. As Dakota went down on Joel, bent over his towering cock on the couch, Joel wet the boy's ass with a huge, icing-like strand of spit. There was so much saliva flowing across the two naked bodies. Joel gently teased Dakota's smooth hole with his finger then moved him over to the ottoman where he added SPUNK Lube to his already spit-filled ass. He put his penis inside of him and started to thrust. Dakota's junk swung with the rhythm of the humping and Joel pulled his cheeks apart to show off just how huge his boner was as it poked that hole.

He spit on it some more and shoved his raging erection back inside. His bareback dick was big and powerful and when Dakota hesitated to accept it all, Joel calmed him and got the job done. He mounted the boy in doggie, railing his hole raw. He pulled his flesh mallet out and beat Dakota's begging back door with it. He praised his sub, constantly calling him good boy and telling him what a good job he was doing taking his dick. Very encouraging.

Joel invited Dakota to fuck himself on his dick, sitting in the chair. Dakota obliged amazingly, riding Joel's long shaft like a student trying to impress his professor. His moves were methodical, giving ultimate pleasure to his counterpart. Joel's cock never looked bigger, longer, harder than it did while he let Dakota ride it. The bottom spun around to face his top while still riding him. Once his legs tired of the squatting, Joel told him to raise off his cock slowly. Dakota did, and the suction pop that echoed through the room when their sex seal was broken sounded majestic.

The guys moved to the bed where they snuggled up in a nice spooning position, daddy Joel nestled tightly behind his boy Dakota, filling his butt with all sorts of big bone. Dakota's faint whimpers and moans were fuel to Joel's fire as he continuously coaxed his costar into relaxing and opening up his ass. He slowed down when needed, he sped up when he wanted, and it was always feel good fun for both of them. He gently instructed his good boy what to do, how to handle his big dick, and complimented him on a job well done. It was evident now, it was as much Joel making love to Dakota as it was him hardcore fucking him.

Dakota ended up on his back, watching porn Joel had recommended on his phone. It was hot for both of them to see sex on the screen while engaging in it themselves. Joel rocked Dakota's hips back and forth as he worked his behemoth bang stick back inside his butt. He grabbed Dakota's limp dick and told him to focus on the porn, he'd get him hard again, now knowing how he liked his dick jerked. They apparently touched themselves the same, and Joel was right, he had Dakota rock hard in seconds. Incredibly, that's when his hole loosened as well, and Joel was able to fit his entire manhood inside that warm crevice.

Both gents were superbly hung and both their big dicks were prominently on display. They dirty bantered back and forth, talking about breeding and getting wet and Joel cumming up Dakota's guts. With an outrageous orgasm, Joel fulfilled his promise and filled Dakota's hole with his warm cum. Daddy gave a big load to his boy and they continued fucking the jizz farther inside Dakota. Joel went for another round of cum as he screwed Dakota senseless. Knowing that hot big bro load was buried in his butt was enough to send Dakota over the edge. He shot ribbons of seed across his stomach and chest. Joel licked it up and swallowed the last drops from his piss slit.

The need for Joel to erupt a second time had come. He jerked his cock until he plastered Dakota's hole and spine with sperm, pushing his batter inside his boy to meet up with the previous deposit. He fucked him softly for a moment then cleaned up his cum from that happily used ass. He lapped up his nut, tonguing Dakota's boy hole one more time, then they cozied up for a post coital cuddle. The master had truly taught the student a lesson or two or three or four during their sex session. Lessons neither of them would be forgetting any time soon. Lessons you were hopefully taking notes on.

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