Alex Hawk

Alex Hawk

One of the sexiest bespectacled boys I've ever had the pleasure of seeing naked, Alex Hawk has that bookworm next door vibe down. Just as hot in and out of glasses as he is clothes, this hairy hottie is homework you won't mind having. He's toned as hell, hung with a perfect 7 inch cut cock, and comes complete with a furry asshole you'll wanna nibble (then fuck) for days.

Joey Wagner

Joey Wagner

The ultimate otter next door, Joey Wagner is full of boyish charm and manly desires. A pocket-sized furball with a beaming smile and bright eyes, he's as cute as he is devastatingly sexy. Packing an impressive dick, a hot, hairy hole, and a toned, tatted body, Joey is the perfect versatile snuggle buddy.


Joey Tops Alex Raw

Adorable furball Joey Wagner had already showed us what a hot bottom he was for Mason Lear, so naturally he was aching to present his topping skills. It'd been far too long since we had Alex Hawk on camera, and they were totally down to film together. These hairy studs, who could pass for brothers from the right angle, got naked and down to business before I even said action.

After some sensual kisses and neck nibbles, Joey bent Alex over the edge of the bed and spread his fuzzy cheeks for some feasting. Alex's hole was wet in seconds as the insatiable otter munched his man cave. Then Alex slid to the floor to get a taste of Joey's hairy, throbbing cock. I couldn't believe how similar these two were, toned furry bodies ripe for the raw fucking.

Alex sucked Joey's hard dick and tongued his tight balls. Their moans and groans filled the room as Alex continued to slurp on Joey's slick shaft. They explored each other's bodies with tongues and fingers, then Joey went back into Alex's ass face first. He rimmed him then lubed him with SPUNK. He slid his stiff dick inside the waiting bottom and began banging bareback.

As he thrust, Joey spit on his dick and slapped Alex's ass. They complimented one another and fucked hard. Alex's body had gotten so much more muscular since I'd last seen him. And hairier, if that was possible? His ass was juicy and fit and shook just right when Joey pummeled his prick into it.

They switched to missionary with Joey still standing beside the bed. He got his boner back inside his hot, horny bottom without missing a beat. Alex was in heaven, bellowing sex cries of joy. Joey railed him in this position, never pausing because neither of them wanted the incredible sex to stop. Joey stepped up on the bed frame to get better leverage on Alex's hole. His own hairy ass was on display as he fucked Alex fast and furious. His tatted body looked tantalizing as it screwed. They smacked lips and Joey continued to hammer Alex's hole.

Those tight balls loosened and beat against Alex's ass cheeks as Joey pounded his butt. He filled his hole with hard cock and kissed him deep. He put some porn on his phone to occasionally glance at. I love when guys watch porn together to heighten their own fucking. Their bare feet had me boned up, as did their insanely hairy bods. Joey was destroying Alex's ass with his hardon and we were all loving every second of it!

Wanting to watch themselves fuck in the mirror, Joey and Alex stood beside the bed and gave themselves a show in standing doggie. I went from underneath to above to capture all of the cock-slamming action! Their dirty narration drove me wild. Not only hot to watch, but also to listen to, Joey and Alex thoroughly enjoyed seeing themselves in action.

Instructing him to grab em, Alex laid back on the bed to get orally serviced and ball tugged by Joey. The eager otter swallowed Alex's big, thick dick balls deep and playfully squeezed his sack. Alex fucking loved it! And I swelled up seeing Alex's cock between Joey's hungry lips. He sucked his dick proper then flipped him over to fuck him some more in doggie. That's the position that would get him off, and Alex and I were more than ready to see Joey cum.

Holding Alex's hips, spanking his ass, and humping his way to orgasm, Joey fucked the toned bottom until his balls were ready to burst. He pulled out and shot a nice, warm load onto Alex's hairy crack, then pushed his dick back inside to breed his bottom. Alex was close to follow with his cum shot, jerking his dick while Joey played with his nuts once more. He ejaculated a delicious load that Joey lapped up from his shaft and dripping piss slit. He ate the seed that fell to his hairy inner thigh and then cleaned his cock before giving him one of the hottest post-cum kisses I've seen. They embraced affectionately, their bodies thanking each other for the orgasms, kissed madly, and called it a day. WOOF!

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