Dakota is a straight dude who does gay for pay. Slightly worried sex with dudes will ruin sex with chicks for him, he's set some rules for filming. He'll only bottom and only do the sucking.

Jon Shield

Jon Shield

We've been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and studio boy Jon Shield is one for the record books! From his dark beard to his curly, carpeted toned chest and fuzzy asshole, he's all man and sexy as fuck. He's got sizzling bedroom eyes and a dick for days.


Jon Tops Dakota Raw

Jon had a fantasy he wanted to fulfill and I just so happened to have the means to help him. He wanted to fuck a straight guy while the dude watched straight porn. Use him as a total hole. I knew just the straight guy for the job. Dakota only wants to bottom on camera because he gets turned on by the idea of others watching him be dominated. It was a win win. Jon would get his fantasy brought to life and Dakota would get a good fucking from a hot, hung top in the process. I hadn't filmed with Dakota in quite a while, so I was very excited to finally get him back on camera.

They sat next to each other on the couch, watching some straight porn on Dakota's phone. Jon's hand moved to Dakota's thigh and began massaging it. Jon's dick was already stiff, poking through his sweatpants, begging to be played with. He was more focused on his straight costar's growing erection, though. He pulled it out of Dakota's pants and bent over it, sucking it into his mouth. Dakota was rock hard in seconds and both guys proudly displayed their raging boners. If you're familiar with Dakota, you'll recall he had some rules about oral. He didn't want to get head from a dude on camera, I think because he was afraid it'd be better than head from a chick. He'd never confess that, though, so I played along for his first two scenes. But this time, I told him I needed to see Jon suck his dick. It's too big and too beautiful not to be buried down a dude's throat. He obliged and I was ecstatic.

He continued watching his straight porn as Jon shucked his trousers off and tossed them aside. Jon knelt on the floor in front of his costar and began servicing him orally in a much more comfortable position. Dakota's big heavy balls were first to meet Jon's tongue. He lapped them up and then worked his mouth back to that big stiff dick. He lost his shirt and showed off his tatted biceps as he raised Dakota's legs sky high to get a taste of that sweet, straight boy ass. Dakota's toes curled and Jon and I both instantly knew he was loving the rim job. Jon breathed heavily from his nose as he buried his face in that shaved butt. He licked Dakota's hole and spit on it, rubbing its puckered entrance with his thumb. His own giant hardon had come out of his sweats and he teased it occasionally as he ate out that lovely hole.

Jon stood up and pulled it out completely, offering it to his straight costar. Dakota reluctantly put it between his lips and tasted the head of Jon's cock. He'll be the first to admit he's not a pro cocksucker. And he's proud of it, because you know, he's straight. But he gave it his best effort despite frequently gagging on the gargantuan rod that is Jon's boner. If nothing else, Jon received a stellar cock head tease from the mustached straight dude. Jon asked if he liked that and Dakota mumbled yeah and played with it some more. Such a big fucking dick. Dakota has his own impressive tool, but it's fun to play with someone else's every now and again.

Jon had his bottom boy toy move to the back of the couch and lean over, presenting that ass for more rimming. He rubbed his smooth butt and legs as he licked and munched that tight back door. The sound of his lips smacking and beard scruffing gave me sex goosebumps all over. Seconds away from dropping the camera and jerking off to this as it happened live, I regained composure and continued watching through my lens. Jon gently stroked Dakota's cock as he nibbled and tongue bathed his asshole. Fuck. They were both loving it so damn much. I wanted to see Jon suck Dakota's throbbing hardon one last time before the screwing commenced and he was more than happy to give me a show. He worked that firm pole softly and sexily, licking and kissing the tip, sucking the shaft and tugging the balls. His enormous erection raged below and I knew I couldn't keep them waiting any longer.

They'd moved to the bed, Dakota on his back, Jon standing at the edge of the mattress. He drove his delicious dick into that tight asshole and made his straight bottom moan. Dakota had his phone again, enjoying the straight porn as much as the deep dicking he was getting from Jon. Holding his legs up by his feet, Jon screwed Dakota's smooth ass steadily. Unaccustomed to using his ass frequently in the bedroom, Dakota was understandably tight. But with patience and enough SPUNK Lube, Jon had no problem working his unbelievably thick dick inside Dakota's warm nook.

Jon's furry chest was ridiculously sexy, especially in compassion to his hairless costar. He looked all masculine and buff while Dakota looked boyish and innocent. That porn stache and big cock were the only things reminding us of Dakota's true age. Jon kept teasing Dakota's hole, fucking for a bit, then taking it out, then sliding it back in. So hot to watch this fantasy being played out in person.

After some doggie style, they got into my favorite position to film, the spooning. With Dakota's leg lifted, I could see all of Jon's length entering his ass. Slippery and shiny from the lube, Jon's fat cock fucked Dakota bareback and balls deep. Jon devoured Dakota's armpit as the straight guy continued watching his mobile porn. I was really digging how much both of them were benefitting from this setup. Jon got harder and fucked deeper when he watched his straight costar enjoying pussy porn. He used him any way he wanted, moving him around and basically treating him like a fuck puppet. So damn hot.

The time had come to cum and with Jon fucking his ass raw, missionary style, Dakota shot out a handsome load of boy batter onto his belly. Jon pulled out, stood up, and busted his hot nut across Dakota's cheek. He painted his straight boy's face and shook with sex tremors. What a fucking hot finish to a more than sexy scene where two guys got together to use each other for a feel good, get off time. Two dudes, one gay, one straight, enjoying each other enough to empty their balls. Brotherly love, that's what I call that. Now excuse me while I go jerk off to this scene. I imagine you'll want to do the same.

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