Jon Shield

Jon Shield

We've been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and studio boy Jon Shield is one for the record books! From his dark beard to his curly, carpeted toned chest and fuzzy asshole, he's all man and sexy as fuck. He's got sizzling bedroom eyes and a dick for days.

Runner Hayes

Runner Hayes

Runner is one of the most gorgeous cubs I've ever met. From tall, hip hair to trendy mustache and nose ring, pierced nipples and a fuzzy chest and belly, he's all man and all sexy. Equipped with one of our best smiles and most infectious laughs, Runner knows how to have a great time in and out of bed.


Jon Tops Runner Raw

It was Lazy Bear Weekend and I hadn't planned on taking my camera into the woods. But when Jon and Runner both mentioned they'd also be at the event, I couldn't resist getting them into a backwoods bareback scene. You know, really beCUMing one with nature. We met up one morning, drove out to a secluded spot, and hiked into an old dried up ravine. After some sexy face sucking, Runner dropped to his knees in the dirt and started servicing Jon's mammoth cock.

Jon always says his dick is average. I want to live in the world where that huge beast of a dick is average. His muscled, furry body glistened in the morning sun breaking through the trees. Runner gave him some stellar head, swallowing that behemoth rod Adam's apple deep. Jon traded spots with his costar, hungrily gulping down Runner's rock hard boner. Then he had him turn around so he could wet his hole with a proper ass eating. He led him over to a fallen tree and spit into his hairy butt. He drown his face between those juicy butt cheeks and devoured Runner's ass.

Not wanting to waste too much time on our walk in the woods, Jon lubed up his stiff dick with SPUNK and eased it into Runner's ready ass. Runner took it like a pro. Jon sunk his cock balls deep in that beautiful back door and within a few seconds was pumping fast and hard, giving Runner the raw fucking he'd been craving.

The thick vein on top of Jon's shaft looked full and throbbing as it disappeared and reappeared with each thrust he made into Runner's butt. He gripped the waistband of Runner's jockstrap for leverage and pounded away, his uncovered cock delivering inches upon inches of pleasure. Runner was bent over doggie style, using the downed tree as support. Jon slicked his dick with more lube and hurriedly got back inside his costar's warm hole.

Pants around legs, these two couldn't be bothered to drop trou completely. Or maybe it was in case we needed a quick getaway. Regardless, they looked hot as hell with the majority of their clothes still on, revealing only the necessary body parts to have a wild romp in the woods.

Runner took a little control when he started fucking Jon's dick, backing up onto it quick and repeatedly. But Jon liked the reigns, and he took them back and continued dominating Runner's creamy white ass with his pulverizing prick. He got him in doggie right on the ground, in the dirt and leaves, and fucked him silly.

Runner wanted one more chance to blow Jon's big dick, so he knelt against a tree and slobbed his knob. He gagged on it and Jon encouraged him with a couple “good boys.” Runner jerked his own cock as he sucked Jon's, shooting an enormous load of cum across the forest floor. Like huge. Think broken lawn sprinkler. As soon as he'd nut, Jon stood him up, spit on his hole and fucked him some more to get his own dick off.

Weak kneed and reeling from the intense orgasm he'd just had, Runner leaned against a sturdy tree trunk and gave his ass willingly to Jon. He wanted to be used just a little bit longer. He wanted to be the device that got Jon to his conclusion. Fucking hot, fantastic bottom. So giving. So accomodating.

Jon humped him hard and fast from behind, both guys standing. Runner's butt cheeks bounced and the sexy sight just made Jon thrust his hips quicker. He filled his costar's hole with all of his girth. Runner moaned in delight. Jon got close, pulled out to shoot, but then wanted to fuck a bit more, so he stuffed his cock back inside Runner and continued. Then he wanted to suck Runner again, no doubt tasting the last drops that had leaked from his slit after that impressive cumshot. I could tell Runner was in ecstasy, having Jon worship his furry cub body.

Tasting Runner's cum must have done the trick for Jon, because moments later he was shooting his own seed all over Runner's ass cheeks, then he pushed his swollen cock back inside and had an enormous bout of sex shakes. His body quaked with good feelings as he fucked the last of his pup batter into Runner's guts. His cum dripped down Runner's ass and then Runner turned, kissed him full on the lips, and the alarm on my phone went off. Talk about perfect timing. We'd given ourselves just enough of a window to get an incredibly hot public scene on camera. Kudos to these two studs for making it happen last minute. WOOF!

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