Jordan Jaxson

Jordan Jaxson

Jordan is a totally innocent-looking twink who definitely has a wilder side. He's completely turned on by being filmed. It gets his nice, tall, thick dick rock hard.



Mitch is the sexy, smart guy next door who helps with your homework. While he's tutoring you, all you can think about is sucking his stiff dick. His body is as tight as his balls.


Jordan Tops Mitch

I have to be honest, I had my doubts when Jordan said he wanted to top Mitch. Jordan is a twink, plain and simple, and I had him pegged for a bottom who only thought he could top. I was wrong and I'm more than happy to admit it! Jordan was an excellent top and these two guys had some wild chemistry.

They started off making out and stripping each other, but I requested they keep their underwear on. I love seeing boners through cloth, begging to rip free. And these two have incredible boners. Mitch mounted Jordan and commenced with some very sexy dry humping. I was hard immediately.

Then the guys began sucking dick, taking turns, 69ing, and even throwing in some rimming. My favorite moment of this entire scene was when Mitch pulled Jordan's enormous cock out of his underwear. The expression on his face was priceless. He looked at me questioningly, wondering exactly where that massive schlong was going to fit inside his ass. The answer: everywhere.

Mitch needed a little extra stretching to accommodate Jordan's huge cock, but once he was ready to go, he was indeed ready to go. He sat on Jordan's erect pole and rode it up and down with ease and pleasure. The guys tried a variety of positions, but I think my favorite was the one they ended in. I have a foot fetish, and I think Mitch's feet are superbly sexy. I loved watching Jordan hold onto Mitch's ankles, spread his legs wide open, and thrust his meaty cock in and out of Mitch's welcoming hole, all the while Mitch's hot feet bouncing around. Had I not been holding the camera, I'd have jumped up on the bed and started sucking on some toes.

Ending in that position, Mitch was the first to blow, shooting a hot white streak of cum up his own chest. Jordan followed his lead mere seconds later, busting a massive nut all over Mitch's dick and up Mitch's chest and neck. The two guys' loads pooled into sticky puddles on Mitch's chest. I fucking love it when two hot guys can time their cumshots like these two - it proves that they have great chemistry and are really feeling the same timing/rhythm as the other. So hot!

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