Kip Ryker

Kip Ryker

One of GuyBone's tallest models, Kip Ryker is all Southern charm and hospitality. His subtle accent grabs your attention and his striking features hold it. Lean, flexible and hung, he's sexy as fuck and a total romantic.

River Reed

River Reed

Claiming he's a natural redhead, I think I prefer River as a bottle blonde. Combined with milky white skin and an innocent yet striking face, this bottom is more than ready for his close up. With a dick that gets rock hard in seconds and a smile that'll totally make you crush, River is so fucking boy next door sexy.


Kip Tops River

It's a blonde bonanza when Kip and River get together to fuck! Two heads of adorable blonde hair (be it natural or bottle), skinny pale bodies and big pink stiff dicks. Yum! These two had so much fun together, they provided you with an extra 10 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

These two had an instant spark of sexual chemistry that read wonderfully on camera. They started making out and could have convinced anyone they were real life boyfriends. River laid across Kip's lap, stretching his neck to kiss his costar. Kip rubbed River's growing cock inside his gym shorts, getting it nice and hard before pulling it out and rubbing his fingers across the swollen head.

River pulled Kip's sweats off and quickly went to work on his thick hardon. I love Kip's big, bouncing balls that roll around with excitement while he's getting head. River sucked his shaft to perfection, Kip moaning and begging for more of his mouth. Then he stood and face fucked River, feeding him his boner balls deep. River tea bagged Kip's low hanging nuts then gave them a tongue bath and slurped them in and out of his lips.

After some sexy upside down kissing, Kip took River's rock hard dick down his throat and sucked the fuck out of it. Next up was some incredibly hot rimming. River bent over a corner of the bed, pushing his stiff cock straight down against balls and bedspread, and opened his ass cheeks to reveal a slightly hairy, very hot hole. Kip wasted no time sliding his pierced tongue in and out of that tight ass, tracing the ripples with his wet tongue and soft lips. They both were loving the ass eating.

After his hole was nice and wet with spit and SPUNK Lube, they started screwing, and that's when the whimpers and moans started (and never really let up). Whether missionary with River's feet against Kip's shoulders, or reverse style with River riding Kip's tall manhood, these two were thoroughly enjoying each others bodies. They fit together so perfectly, fucking with ease and a drive to cum like I'd not seen before. There was a passion in both their eyes, begging to make the other one orgasm.

That they did. Kip sat over top of River and jerked off into his mouth. River blew him and swallowed his tasty load until he busted his own nut. Kip jumped down, licked up River's cum, then gave him a final salty kiss. These two proved that blondes really do have more fun!

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