Kip Ryker

Kip Ryker

One of GuyBone's tallest models, Kip Ryker is all Southern charm and hospitality. His subtle accent grabs your attention and his striking features hold it. Lean, flexible and hung, he's sexy as fuck and a total romantic.

Scotland Grey

Scotland Grey

Scotland's tight, toned body is covered in a light coat of fur and his handsome, hefty dick gets rock hard really easily. His ass is perfection, as are his bad boy tats and angel smile. And when he cums, you'd better have your umbrella handy.


Kip Tops Scotland

Kip had come cross country to film with GuyBone. In one weekend, we got our use of him, filming three action scenes and having him guest gogo dance at our monthly men only underwear party, Trousers Down. This Southern sweetheart was all accent and attitude. Having the confidence needed to fuck three GuyBone guys nearly back to back, Kip proved he was more than just a hot body and big dick.

Scotland was up to bottom first. The two shaggy-haired guys started making out with some really hot kissing, tongues rolling around and dripping spit. Then it was shirts off as Scotland mounted Kip and pulled his rock hard boner out of his jeans. Kip leaned forward and sucked the fuck outta that cock, paying special attention to the shroom head. Scotland loved the blow job, tossing his head back in satisfaction.

Then Scotland showed off his very well-reviewed head giving skills. He licked the tip of Kip's cock, shoved his dick in his mouth, and took it balls deep down his throat. Next the two studs laid side by side for some sexy 69ing. Scotland face fucked Kip's lightly bearded mouth hard, his big balls bouncing against Kip's nose. Kip looked totally cock hungry, his blonde head bobbing up and down as he gulped Scotland's big cock.

Kip got Scotland on his back, stiff dick down his throat, and gently eased his lubed up finger into Scotland's tight asshole. I love watching a guy finger another guy's ass. That anticipation, the stretching and loosening, the preparation for a big dick to enter. It's such great foreplay and these two did it well. Kip swallowed Scotland's cock as he worked his fingers inside his hole making Scotland squirm with delight.

Then came the fucking. Kip had readied Scotland's ass just right, allowing his incredibly hard erection to slide in with ease. Scotland still moaned, but that was all pleasure, not pain. Kip entered him completely then bent down and kissed him while they fucked.

Next Kip got Scotland from behind, doggie style screwing him on the edge of the bed. He rammed his ass with such force, making Scotland bury his face in the blanket and whimper. When Kip was done boning from behind, he got on the bed next to Scotland and spooned him, sliding his stiff dick deep into Scotland's warm SPUNK filled asshole. Here he really went to town, balls slapping Scotland's taint as his cock drove into the lubed up paradise. Both guys got pretty vocal, expressing their immense attraction to one another.

In this position is where Scotland decided to bust. Kip fucked him hard, as requested. Just as Kip pulled out, Scotland blast a geyser of cum into the air and all over himself. So incredibly hot. Then Kip stroked his own hardon until he jizzed a hot load down the side of his shaft. Scotland was on hand to lick it up, cleaning off Kip's cum-covered cock and playing with the nut between his lips.

After a hot fuck and a salty kiss to seal the deal, it was evident that Kip had come all that way for a reason, to make his mark on GuyBone.

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