Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks is a studio guy who we couldn't be happier to have on the site. He's a gentleman, he's prompt, and he's fucking hot. What more could you ask for?

Xander Kane

Xander Kane

Xander is perhaps the wildest of GuyBone guys. A total badass, he likes it rough and tumble. The rebel haircut, the giant back tattoo, the crazy huge uncut cock - Xander is a treat to watch, whether he's stuffing his massive dick inside a nice, warm hole, or taking a ride on a hard rod.


Kyle Tops Xander

Definitely the wildest, steamiest action scene so far, Kyle and Xander gave the camera one hell of a show.

Before I could say action, these two horny guys locked lips and began tearing at each other's clothes. You could tell immediately that Xander was ready to ride Kyle's cock, the way he mounted him and rocked back and forth.

Kyle's dick got pulled out first and Xander wasted no time sucking it down his throat. The guys exchanged some pretty hot oral, doing their best to make sure the other was good and hard for the forthcoming fuck.

Then it was on to loosening Xander's extremely tight hole. Kyle is a pro, and fingered and rimmed Xander's fuzzy ass until he was properly stretched. Xander moaned through a mouthful of Kyle's cock the whole time.

The main event had just gotten under way when the power in the building went out. We had a good laugh, but it didn't stop Kyle from wanting to continue pounding Xander's sweet ass. We pulled out our back up lights and the guys continued fucking in the dark. I think they enjoyed this part of filming the best.

Once the power came back on, it was time for these two to cum. Kyle shot a hot load straight up into Xander's open mouth and Xander followed suit by spraying a mess of jizz all over Kyle's body. By the time the shoot was over, these two were a hot, sweaty, sticky mess, but something tells me that's exactly what they'd planned from the get go.

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