Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett

Lance Bennett is a studio guy who we at GuyBone.com were really excited to get to work with. From his adorable boyish charm to his scruffy and playful demeanor, this perfectly fuzzy stud makes quite the addition to our ever-growing roster of GuyBone guys.

Shane Rook

Shane Rook

Shane is our sexy new slender man. He's tall, skinny, hung, and ready for anything. Armed with a bushy beard that would make any lumberjack envious and a cumshot that will take your eye out if not careful, he's bringing his A game to GuyBone.


Lance Tops Shane Raw

This scene has been in the making for almost a year now. Sexy Shane knew he wanted his first costar to be furry Lance but we just couldn't make their schedules align. One was always working. The other was always traveling. Finally, we got them together. And let me tell you, it was beyond worth the wait. Their immediate sexual chemistry was through the roof. They wanted each other so badly it hurt. You know, that fantastic aching feeling you get with every erection. Imagine that all over your body, compelling you, driving you to get with someone who turns you on so much. Everything was so sexcellent, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

Lance ripped open his jeans and revealed a red hot jock. Shane bent over and nuzzled his bulge, presenting his own jockstrap for Lance to snap. They kissed fiercely, hot breath and scruffy beards rubbing and prickling. Lance's dick was rock hard when Shane released it from his jock. He popped that cock in his mouth and Lance groaned in satisfaction. He began to fuck Shane's soft lips and Shane made love to the erection with his long tongue.

Lance dropped to his knees as well and the two boys were cock to cock, chest to chest, kissing passionately. Lance slid off Shane's jockstrap and immediately began licking his growing rod. Shane's bush and big low hanging nuts were complimentary of his massive boner. His tall, veiny shaft stood upright and proud above his slim, tatted physique, and Lance worshipped it orally. He made his way to Shane's mouth again for some incredibly sexy kissing, their stiff dicks towering together. They held them side by side, Lance's leaking precum. He pushed Shane up a little to examine his asshole. Furry and tempting as expected. He propped a pillow under his butt and went to work eating that fuzzy hole.

Lance's own hairy hole pushed out toward me further down the bed. These two were megawatt hot and I was feeling that aching myself, desperately needing to see them screw. Lance wasn't done eating ass, though. He spread Shane's cheeks and drove his tongue in deep. He sat up to show off how turned on he was by snapping his massively stiff dick against his stomach. I've seen Lance hard, but maybe not quite this hard ever. His cock was so ready to fuck.

He bobbed between Shane's own incredibly stiff dick and his wet hole a bit more with his mouth before sticking his raw cock head inside that beguiling back door. It was an instant fit. My dick jumped in my shorts as if shooting a gun at the start of a race, and then they were off! Moans, whimpers, groans, growls… they were already such a perfect match on paper and were now proving it on camera. No fucking wonder Shane wanted / was willing to wait for Lance to be his first costar. When you have this innate aching that one guy in particular can fuck you better than all expectations, you have to go with your instinct. And Shane did. And I'm so grateful.

Lance flipped Shane from his back to his knees in doggie and dropped that eternally firm boner into his stretched hole. He squatted behind him, rocking his hips, thrusting fully into him. Lance's tight, hairy, big balls didn't swing at all as he fucked. They were so full of cum waiting to unload. But Shane's nuts swung with the rhythm of the fuck. Their two sets of balls, their equally hairy assholes, their sexy straddled legs… it was all a vision from heaven for me.

Lance took a little time to play with Shane's wet asshole. He fingered it and spanked his cheeks. He rubbed his stiff cock against the furry entrance, pressing his throbbing boner against his costar's hole so hard he squeezed out some more precum. Then he rolled Shane over on his side, legs splayed, steadily sliding his bareback dick into that delicious looking hole. He pumped with fervor, intent on pleasing his costar who had waited patiently for so long to feel his dick deep inside him. They were both being rewarded. Their hushed exclamations felt sexy on my ears. Like dirty boys whispering hot nothings to me, making the hair on my neck stand at the same attention my hardon was.

Shane got missionary for their last, brief position, just long enough for Lance to reach climax. He fucked furiously and then pulled out, shooting his load across Shane's chest and balls and ass, grunting a masculine growl. They made out and Shane jerked his own cock, shooting an equally exhilarating nut across his own chest and pubes. They collapsed, Lance congratulating Shane on a good job, and I was beyond excited to have finally filmed them… almost as excited as you'll be to finally watch them!

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