Charles Grey

Charles Grey

Charles is one of the most dynamic personalities I've ever met and filmed for GuyBone. He's got this electrifying ora that makes you smile and turns you on at the same time. His smile is killer as is his body.

Logan Packard

Logan Packard

WOOF, what a stud! Built like a Mack truck, Logan is all beefy muscle and sexy hunk. Dusted in fur and rocking a steel cock and juicy peach of an ass, he's versatile and ready to deliver on both ends.


Logan Tops Charles Raw

Muscle and beef and a meaty good time as Charles and Logan enjoyed a steamy meetup. Tongues flicking together, Charles sat on Logan’s lap and ground around. He slid to his knees and pulled out Logan’s thick, veiny, aching cock and serviced it with his sexy bearded mouth. He went down on his balls, driving the masculine top wild with delight. Charles slobbed his knob expertly and worshipped his furry nutsack with precision and passion.

Logan bent Charles over the back of the sofa and edged his tongue inside that gorgeous hole of his. His bald head and beard looked Daddy-rrific as he buried his face between those fuzzy butt cheeks. Underneath, I could see Charles stroking his own erection, reaching his finger tips up to touch the underside of Logan’s scruff as he rimmed his ass. The sounds their body hair made as it rubbed across each other’s skin was so fucking hot.

Logan kicked back on the couch and eased his raging hard-on inside Charles’ tight, wet hole. Charles bounced up and down on it, complimenting the thickness as he rode it. They looked epically hot together, their bodies boning bareback. Charles’ own big dick bounced to and fro as he rode Logan’s beer can cock, taking turns jerking it and edging it.

Next, Logan bent Charles over and did him raw in doggie. Damn. Hot. I loved seeing his ass flex and clench every time he thrust into Charles’ warm hole. So sexy. Just a well built brick house of a man, owning another man’s ass. Fucking yes. He pounded into him, Charles’ ass cheeks rippling with the rhythm of the sex. Logan spanked him and picked up the pace. They were both lost in the moment. Logan’s dick was so purple red from all the blood rushing to it. He was massively hard and owning Charles’ ass. Charles spoke Spanish and gave himself up to the ecstasy, telling Logan his ass was his anytime.

They stopped for a moment to make out madly, their lips smacking and tongues swirling. Then it was back inside hot hole for another quick round of ass slamming fun, this time Charles sitting on it on the bed. Logan thrust up into him wildly, a bucking bronco. Their sex was fast and furious as Charles stroked his stiff rod and felt Logan’s thick one hitting his prostate. Another break found Logan on his back, masturbating while he was fed Charles’ raging erection. His cheek bulged as Charles’ boner hit it repeatedly. The face fuck was fantastic. They kissed, he sucked, and then Charles was ready to ride once more.

The view down Logan’s chest was amazing. Firm pecs, sexy belly, all covered in hair. Perfection. He rolled Charles onto his back and continued topping him missionary. I loved that they got to look deep into each other’s handsome faces. WOOF! And the smoldering kissing. HOT! Their sex was slamming. I could have watched for hours. But these boys were begging to cum.

They snuggled up side by side, beating their meat, balls churning loads. Logan came first, rocketing his jizz into the air and across his stomach. Charles followed his example and blast his creamy nut across his pubes. They embraced in a bicep bulging, scintillating smooch to seal the deal on one helluva hot scene. Seed spilled, orgasms achieved, fucks had. Well done, fellas.

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