Logan Packard

Logan Packard

WOOF, what a stud! Built like a Mack truck, Logan is all beefy muscle and sexy hunk. Dusted in fur and rocking a steel cock and juicy peach of an ass, he's versatile and ready to deliver on both ends.

Robin Pierce

Robin Pierce

Look no further for that shy, sexy gaymer next door! Robin Pierce is the perfect lean, furry otter for your playtime fun. Hairy from head to toe (check out those bushy pits), his dark body fuzz against pale skin is as gorgeous as his sweet smile.


Logan Tops Robin Raw

New GuyBone Guy Logan Packard makes his debut with us in this hot home gym scene. While working out, showing off his impressive muscles during pull ups, he’s beckoned by a cute otter on the other side of the glory hole. Naturally curious and always horny, Logan investigates the hole with his raging erection, finding a very hungry Robin Pierce on the other side. Gorgeous, bearded, bushy pitted, furry Robin serviced Logan’s thick cock orally as he rubbed his own tented briefs. They instantly gave off a hot dad / son vibe. Robin worked over Logan’s boner as it broke through the glory hole. What a fantastic blow job!

After getting Robin on the same side of the door as him, they made out madly, swirling their tongues and beards together. Then Logan bent the boy wonder over the weight bench and rimmed his hairy hole with expertise. Their tatted bodies complimented one another, their inked flesh rubbing together in all the right ways. Logan drove his tongue deep inside Robin’s wondrous hole, teasing it and wetting it, making the boy moan deliciously.

Robin didn’t have to wait long for Logan’s talented tongue to be replaced by his even more talented dick. The top slid his shaft inside the bottom’s ass, hugging his hips and pulling him back on his bone. Logan’s beefy, toned body slammed into Robin’s slender frame, filling him full of bull cock. He gripped his shoulders and screwed him in doggie, spread across the weight bench.

They fit together perfectly, instantly. Logan dominated Robin’s ass with a precision the boy appreciated and responded to with goosebump-inducing whimpers. They were making each other feel VERY good. Robin’s cock flopped to and fro from his nest of brown pubes as his taint quivered and pulsed with each pounding from Logan’s heavy prick. The man filled the boy with stiff bone, balls deep, claiming his hole as his own.

Robin’s ass cheeks rippled with the rhythm of Logan’s raw cock ramming into him. He was leaned over the back of the couch in doggie, giving up his hole to dad. Their sex was red hot. Logan put Robin on his back across the couch, his ass raised for entry. He drove his beautiful hard-on inside to the hilt, making Robin moan in delight, his hirsute torso on glorious display. As Logan’s bear paws wrapped around Robin’s ankles, the boy kept his own hand busy with his big boner. He was stiff as hell, stroking his cock as Logan fucked his hole bareback.

Once they moved to the sling, I was ecstatic to see Logan swallow Robin’s enormous cock. Hairy and hung, Robin kicked back comfortably in the sling as dad sucked on his big schlong. That shaved head of Logan’s looked sexy as fuck as Robin held and rubbed it, encouraging, pleading with him to gulp that girthy rod further down his throat. I love a nice oral break in the anal action and they gave me just that. Turning each other on even more with the hot dick sucking, they put their bodies back together when Logan re-entered Robin’s aching hole. He railed his boy in the sling, shaking and swinging them both sexily.

Robin beat his meat furiously, racing toward the finish line, his orgasm in sight. He opened his asshole for Logan to pound, all the while pounding his pud. He reached climax and exploded warm boy batter all over his fuzzy tummy, curly pubes and closed fist. He rubbed it into his skin like lotion and laid back as Logan pulled out to do the same. The Dom top of the scene stroked his dick quickly, the red head swollen and desperate to spill its seed. He came, bursting all over his sub, a nice thick, creamy white load dumped on Robin’s dark brown pubic hair and ballsack. Logan leaned in for a sultry smooch, planting a longing kiss on Robin’s lips. Their tongues danced again, they held each other tight, and rounded out the scene as scintillatingly as they’d started it. What an excellent welcome to GuyBone for Logan!

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