Logan Packard

Logan Packard

WOOF, what a stud! Built like a Mack truck, Logan is all beefy muscle and sexy hunk. Dusted in fur and rocking a steel cock and juicy peach of an ass, he's versatile and ready to deliver on both ends.

Zeke Johnson

Zeke Johnson

Zeke is a fucking hot muscle cub with plenty of hair and tattoos for you to drool over. And that smile, killer. With the guy next door charm we love and the insatiable sex addict drive we crave, this is one GuyBone guy you'll want to cum with again and again.


Logan Tops Zeke Raw

After a summer hiatus, I came back to production with someone it made total sense to - a model who had taken his own hiatus, Zeke Johnson. It had been 5 years since I’d filmed with the sexy furball and we were long overdue for new content. All around. So here it is, Zeke bareback bottoming for muscle stud Logan Packard. YUM!

Zeke instantly found himself fitting perfectly in Logan’s strong grasp. His arms wrapped around and hugged him securely. They kissed passionately and began stripping away layers of clothing. A nice sunny afternoon outside lit their bodies wonderfully, making me want to watch them fuck then take a group nap.

Logan was all beefy man, taking control of the scene and using Zeke to his liking. Zeke was totally on board with that direction, giving into the lust-filled top and his wanton ways. Zeke’s body had only gotten hairier since I’d filmed him last, Logan running his hands through the brunette pelt on Zeke’s chest. Zeke felt up Logan’s less hairy but more toned torso, his fingers tracing Logan’s bulging biceps and pecs. They both had their own delicious gifts to bring to the table.

Logan had Zeke naked in no time, flipping his legs up on the sofa and eating his hairy hole. Zeke was in heaven, whimpering and moaning as Logan licked his ass. Logan grunted all masculine and swore into Zeke’s hole. Fuck yeah, men. Get each other. Zeke rubbed Logan’s smooth scalp, encouraging him to eat to his heart’s content.

Logan dropped trou and their naked bodies touched fully for the first time, rubbing and pressing and getting Logan very hard and very pre-cummy. He scooted up to Zeke’s hungry mouth and slid that thick dick between his bearded lips. Fuck - so hot watching a guy suck another guy’s cock. I’ve missed this. Zeke continued the oral observation on Logan’s extra stiff shaft, taking it deep down his throat, gasping for air.

They moved to the bed, both ready for the raw railing that awaited them. Logan tucked his SPUNK Lube slicked dick deep inside Zeke’s cheeks, slowly opening his hole for a rougher ride. Zeke hadn’t been fucked in a minute, so he was extra tight, but totally accommodating. He wanted it. And he wanted Logan to give it to him. Their beefy tatted bodies writhed together on the bed, feeling and fondling and caressing and arousing. What a sight, their entangled naked flesh pressing against each other.

Zeke’s bouncing butt cheeks devoured Logan’s rod as he buried it balls deep in his back door. They took turns in control of the fuck, but mostly Logan dominated - which was exactly what Zeke and I wanted. He pounded him hard and fast, relentlessly ramming his ass with expertise. He went from doggie on the bed to doggie standing at the edge of the bed. And man, do I love an underneath shot. Logan’s dick drove into Zeke’s hairy hole divinely, sending sex chills up both their spines. They fit together perfectly and were loving showing off for the camera.

He got him on his back on the bed and hugged his hips as he humped him in missionary. They looked into each other’s eyes all dreamy and shit, pressing their bearded mugs together all romantic and steamy as they screwed. Fuck yeah, guys, fucking fuck! Logan railed away at Zeke’s hole harder than ever, both of them trying to catch their breath as they bareback boned.

Logan plowed that hairy ass until he was ready to bust, then he pulled out and traded his boner for his fingers inside Zeke’s hole. Feeling that warmness wrapped around his knuckles as he beat his meat sent Logan over the edge and he shot his load across Zeke’s low hanging balls. Zeke joined him in ecstasy seconds later, pumping out his own hot batch of boy batter, down his shaft and on top of Logan’s cum, mixing the two specimens of sperm together as he finished jerking. What a welcome back, fellas! Thanks for the fun and we all hope you all enjoy as much as Logan and Zeke did!

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