Luke North

Luke North

So funny, Luke North will have you in stitches before seducing you into the sheets. Beefy with bulging muscles and brooding features, he looks like a tough guy. But under the masculine exterior, there's a teddy bear who loves to laugh and cuddle.

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite

Mike Gaite is a studio guy who brings the best body to GuyBone, hands down. His washboard abs are so hard you could bounce a quarter off them and his body is so toned and firm you'll fall in love at first glance. It doesn't hurt that he has a super sexy smile and shy guy demeanor.


Luke and Mike Flip Raw

For Luke North's GuyBone debut, he picked muscle stud Mike Gaite to pop his porn cherry. Excellent choice, and since I hadn't had the chance to film with Mike in some time, I was ready for this matchup! The guys wanted a raw flip fuck and I was more than eager to watch. They swapped some hot spit and stripped each other out of shirts pretty quick, then got comfy on the bed for some below the belt entertainment.

Nipple play, Mike's favorite, had his gym shorts tenting in moments. Necking, nibbling, licking, armpit worship, pec punching… these two had one helluva hot make out session. Luke knew exactly what he was doing with his mustached mouth and Mike was hungry for the servicing. The newbie started by rimming his ripped costar. Heaven is a place on earth and it's hidden between Mike Gaite's ass cheeks. He pushed his perfectly stacked ass back into Luke's face and felt that talented tongue dive deep into his hole. Luke huffed his hairy hole and praised the taste and smell, grunting and grumbling his satisfaction.

Mike went down on Luke for a minute, swallowing that curved cock balls deep. Then they maneuvered into a smoking hot 69 where Luke stabbed Mike's furry hole with his wide tongue as Mike sucked his dick. They both got into an oral 69 next where Luke deep-throated MIke's thick cock so far and so long, I thought he'd never come up for air. Mike rolled on top of him and nearly drown him with dick and loose nut sack as he face fucked him. To die by that blowjob would be divine.

Once Mike spit on his finger and plugged Luke's ass with it, we all knew they were ready to move to the flip fuck. Luke topped first, with Mike sitting on and riding his boner. The bro bonding was beyond spectacular. Luke flipped him over into missionary so he could drill his ass harder. They kissed and shared long strands of spit between their wet lips and salivating tongues. HOT!

Mike's tight hole clung to Luke's dick as he railed him raw. He wanted to take his turn as top, too, so they traded places and lubed up proper with SPUNK. He fit his thick dick neatly inside Luke's accommodating ass and went to town. He pounded his pucker so hard and so deep, I thought he'd split the beefcake in half. His body looked so hot pumping and humping away on Luke's ass. And to top it off with some cuteness, Mike rescued Luke from the pillow that kept falling onto his face. Our hunky, handsome hero!

Mike filled him up with that girthy rod, making them both feel fine as hell. He told Luke to keep his hands on his nipples and Luke gleefully obliged. He tweaked his nips as Mike slammed his stiff dick home in his hole. Mike moved him to the corner of the mattress where Luke hung over and got his fine ass dominated in doggie. Loved seeing his big balls slapping against Luke's taint. Loved hearing Luke moan his approval, egging Mike on to use his hole. Luke's flesh was covered in goosebumps as they dangled their sex over the edge of the bed.

They switched positions to missionary again and Mike thrust until he was ready to bust, except Luke beat him there, shooting his seed across his stomach, up to his nipple, in an intense orgasm that took his breath away. No surprise, what with Mike's fat cock banging against his prostate as he blew his load. Mike followed his new bedfellow friend, cumming a hot batch of bro batter on Luke's horny hole. He fucked it in and bred his bud with all that hot semen. He continued to fuck Luke, long after he came, showing off his virility and stamina. He churned his jizz deep inside Luke's ass with his ever-stiff dick. Damn, what a sexy pair they made. And what a hot introduction for Luke! Boys and their toys, am I right?

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