Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks

Kyle Sparks is a studio guy who we couldn't be happier to have on the site. He's a gentleman, he's prompt, and he's fucking hot. What more could you ask for?



Mano was an answer to our porn god prayers when we visited Hawaii. Lucky for us, he also visits the mainland. He's got the best abs on the site and his shaved head reminds me of the sexy uncle I never had.


Mano Tops Kyle

Lucky stud #2 to bottom for Mano was Kyle. And he was completely ready!

The guys quickly moved from hard kissing to hard sucking, with Mano even doing some push-ups over top of Kyle, face fucking him. Sucking led to Mano's trademark rimming/fingering, where he left behind strings of spit on Kyle's hairy hole.

Loosened up and ever limber, Kyle bent over and took Mano's thick dick up his ass. Mano pulled back on Kyle's arms, giving him the full experience of his cock. Kyle loved every inch of it.

They moved to the bed for some fun positions, then to a chair for some more hardcore fucking. Before I knew it, they were asking if they could cum, both ready to nut all over the place.

Mano shot first, all over Kyle's ass, then he bent over and let Kyle spray hot jizz all over his face, on his shaved head, and in his mouth.

These two... fucking yum.

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