Joey Wagner

Joey Wagner

The ultimate otter next door, Joey Wagner is full of boyish charm and manly desires. A pocket-sized furball with a beaming smile and bright eyes, he's as cute as he is devastatingly sexy. Packing an impressive dick, a hot, hairy hole, and a toned, tatted body, Joey is the perfect versatile snuggle buddy.

Mason Lear

Mason Lear

Fucking well worth the wait, I'd been trying to get Mason Lear on the site for what seemed like forever. When fate finally brought us together, I knew I was in for a treat. Tall, lean, ridiculously sexy yet shy, sad puppy dog eyed, dark haired Mason is an otter jock dream cum true.


Mason Tops Joey Raw

Mason and Joey had filmed together previously on another site, so I was totally boned to get them in front of my camera, knowing their chemistry had already been crafted to perfection! They started with some sweet making out on the edge of the bed, Joey's clothes nowhere to be found, his hairy, tatted body on full display. Mason retained his underwear, but they'd been pulled down around his knees, proudly presenting his perfectly poised, rock hard, pulsating cock. Joey needed no invitation to pull Mason's jockstrap off the rest of the way and take his place on his knees in front of that towering, mouthwatering shaft.

He gently licked and kissed his balls, making Mason moan and crave more of that talented mouth. Joey gave him what he wanted and swallowed his big dick balls deep. Mason reached over and fingered Joey's furry butt while he received stellar head. Then he asked Joey to sit on his face. The adorable, excited otter was happy to oblige, continuing to work over that thick boner as Mason ate out his hole. Their bodies fit together perfectly in a blowing / rimming 69. Mason's abs were clenched as the feel goods kept coming, Joey devouring his stone dick. When Mason muttered “turn around, please,” my dick shot straight up. He needed to fuck. He needed to feel Joey's warmth around his manhood. And Joey needed to be filled just as much. He sat on Mason's massive cock and engulfed it. Mason's bareback boner began banging into Joey's backdoor, balls slapping against butt cheeks.

Joey looked magnificent seated on Mason's lap. His ass made deliciously juicy sex noises and his raw fuck hole was driving Mason wild. Fuck, I love watching a hairy hole get pounded! He asked if Mason wanted to fuck him from behind, and of course, he did! Joey took a second to suck that nice cock again before Mason lubed it up with SPUNK and shoved it back inside him. They'd swapped control roles and where Joey was in charge of riding, Mason was now in charge of doggie. He humped that hole wildly, gripping Joey's hips for extra depth. The guys' bare feet on the bed sent sex goosebumps up my spine. Such sexy arches, toes and heels. Joey gripped Mason's thigh as the top mounted him to drive his dick in deeper. The view from behind was spectacular. Mason worked over Joey's hole like the pro he is. He filled his bottom's ass with air, making sweet popping noises every time he pulled out and pushed back in.

Way too close to cumming cause it felt so damn good, I had the guys take an oral intermission just to slow the sex and edge their dicks a bit. Plus, they'd got into the action so quickly, I realized I'd not seen Mason suck Joey, and I definitely didn't want to miss that! Mason kicked back and gobbled down Joey's stiff dick as he stroked his own. Since there's no keeping costars off Mason's amazing cock, Joey was swiftly back in 69. This was a total treat for me, getting to see them ravish each other's rods, blowing bone like they were born to.

The blow show could only last so long, though, and it was back to bareback boning. Mason resumed topping Joey in doggie, really showing off the impressive length of his log. He screwed him softly then picked up speed, sending Joey into a frenzy of ecstasy. He'd loosened Joey's ass to his level of liking and continuously praised his bottom on having such a beautiful hole. Doggie was the preferred position, so they stuck to it til they came.

Mason beat up Joey's butt with his big dick, smiles and O-faces across the bed. Joey was ready to bust, spilling his load onto the sheets, ordering Mason to continue fucking him. Mason obliged, absolutely ramming his cock into Joey's sloppy hole. He pulled out when he was ready to nut and blasted baby batter across Joey's back and all the way up near his head. Rockets of jizz! He thrust it back inside Joey and continued breeding his bottom boy. When he was done unloading, they kissed and Joey cleaned off Mason's cummy cock, then they kissed again. Their sweaty, sexed bodies were all sorts of satisfied, and I couldn't wait to get home, edit, and jerk off repeatedly to this master(bation)piece. Well done, boys!

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