Matt Cedars

Matt Cedars

Matt Cedars gives me all sorts of wood. He's tall, lean, covered in brunette fur, and sporting a very handsome cut cock. He's the kind of guy I crushed on (and still do) in school.


Matt's Solo

Sexy, slim Matt slid his car into the garage and closed the automatic door. With an exclamation “aw, man, I'm so horny right now,” he was stripping out of his t-shirt and stroking his growing cock through his shorts. Summer was in full swing and his skin glistened with beads of sweat in the sweltering parked car. At least those windows were down. He tugged off his shorts and kicked aside his flip flops, getting comfy in the car, checking himself out in the mirror.

He crawled into the back seat for some more space, tucking his stiff dick under the seat belt for some stimulating gratification. He laid down and hung his long, hairy legs out the window as he beat his meat. His bearded mug and handsome face reminded me of a young doctor that used to be on the show ER. You guess which one. Matt's pierced nipples were as hard as his dick.

He got on his knees, bent over to show off his fuzzy hole, then positioned himself between the two front seats, grazing his good sized boner across the back of the seat. He opened his piss slit and teased it with his little finger. I got the sense Matt did this often, as I'd seen it just minutes prior when we took his bio pics. How hot, to not quite be sounding with a rod, but sticking the tip of your finger in your urethra. Big, sexy woofs for that!

His cut cock was raging wood that matched his lumber-esque last name, Cedars. He jostled his balls as he played with his dick, sometimes twisting it with two hands, what a cock! He licked his hand and put it to his prick, nature's lube. He felt his beard, ran his fingers through his chest fur, and generally enjoyed touching himself and showing off. He flexed his feet and beat his boner against his palm. I loved the way he looked directly into the camera, daring me (and you) to watch him wank.

The car proved the perfect setting for horny Matt as he continued to jerk his rock hard cock. It seemed to grow taller and stiffer with each stroke. It throbbed in his fist and pulsated with precum. When he couldn't hold his load back any longer, he clenched his legs and let go. His creamy nut spilt from his piss slit, oozing over his knuckles and splashing onto his very fuzzy happy trail. He continued to rub his dick, something only the not-too-sensitive can do, using his cum as lube. I ached as I watched him play with his semen soaked shaft. Man, that must have felt intense.

When Matt was done manhandling his meat, he threw back on his shorts and t-shirt, slid into his flip flops, and exited the car as calmly and collectedly as he pulled into the garage. The only difference, his bushy balls were a tad lighter to walk around with. Anytime Matt wants to jerk off in a car in a garage, I'll be there, camera in one hand, cock in the other!

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