Avi Jacobs

Avi Jacobs

Proving great things really do come in small packages, Avi Jacobs is a pocket pistol of a sex pup. He's on the shorter side, which I love, and solid and sexy as hell. Good luck deciding between bending over for him or picking him up and tossing him around the bedroom.

Maulder Roman

Maulder Roman

Smoldering, brooding Maulder Roman is one fine ass specimen of stocky, muscle cub. He's got python arms with biceps that could crush you and tight, hairy legs for days. Complete with an untouched juicy bubble butt (he's a total top, fellas) and a handful of thick uncut cock, Maulder is one grizzly bear you don't want to snarl with.


Maulder Tops Avi Raw

Right out the gate, Maulder and Avi were boned up and ready to fuck bareback. They were exactly each other's type and were elated to film together. Naturally, I was more than happy to hook them up. And film it. And release it on July 4th when fireworks are in the air as well as the bedroom. So many, in fact, these two firecrackers ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That's more fuck for your buck!

They stood toe to toe, naked as jay birds, kissing and nibbling lips, tugging and stroking hard dicks. Maulder is a beast in the bedroom. All his shyness disappears and he becomes a dominant animal. Avi is completely playful and ready to pounce. They were a perfect match.

Olive skin covered in dark fur, tattoos, and muscles, they looked spectacular standing stiff dick to stiff dick. Maulder's cock was uncut and thick while Avi's was cut and long. They were handsome side by side, hard as steel, ready to be played with. Avi was on his knees before I knew it, tasting Maulder's fantastic foreskin, taking his rod down his throat.

Maulder's beefy bear belly bounced against Avi's face as the hung otter gave him head. He fed him his engorged cock as the afternoon sun shone against the city skyline behind them. The view out the window was breathtaking, but the view inside was so much more stunning. Spit strings traced from Maulder's cock to Avi's lips. The hungry pup devoured that dick and made his soon to be top moan and growl with satisfaction.

Maulder kicked back on the bed and let his eager costar work his body some more. Avi teased the muscle cub's nipples and then sucked his shaft again. Maulder face fucked his partner in between deep throating demonstrations by Avi. His groans were as intoxicating as his veiny, rigid cock. He was controlling the scene by letting Avi take control of his cock. The sexual chemistry was exploding in front of my eyes.

Avi licked from hairy taint to big, tight balls, to cock-ringed boner. He knew exactly how to orally please his cubcake of a costar. He climbed atop the bear and let Maulder roll him over so they could switch sucking stations. And instantly they were both glad they had. Maulder ravished Avi's handsome cock, sucking it with his juicy lips, smacking it on his broad tongue. Avi's toned legs raised and invited Maulder's mouth to explore his back door. Hairy and hot, his asshole needed eating and Maulder was precisely the man to do it. Avi's dick throbbed every time Maulder's wet tongue dove deeper into his hole. He panted like a good, horny pup and bellowed his approval of the anilingus.

The time had come to screw raw. They couldn't resist any longer. Maulder flipped Avi to his knees and readied him for doggie. With SPUNK Lube and determination, Maulder managed to fit his huge rod inside Avi's tight ass. He started fucking him fast and hard and Avi loved every pound. Their bodies became one on the bed as they gazed out to the city below. Maulder's beefy pecs and bulging biceps rocked my world as he clung to Avi's slim hips, pulling him closer to his cock. He nailed him completely, filling every inch of his accepting hole.

With a spank of the ass and another flip of the body, Maulder had his furry bottom on his back and taking dick in missionary in no time. Avi tells stories with his eyes, they're so expressive and descriptive. You know exactly what he's feeling and thinking with every furrowed brow, every widened eye. And he was feeling fucking fantastic with this big man up inside him. Maulder rammed and ravaged his costar, taking what he wanted but also making sure it was what Avi desired. Craved.

Avi wanted to sit on Maulder's raging erection. He got comfy with it inside his ass and began writhing. I'm not sure I've ever seen Avi so hard. I mean, damn! His dick was rock solid. He jerked it as he bounced on Maulder's behemoth boner. Seeing Avi take the reigns a bit was very enjoyable. Maulder was still in control of the scene, but it was sexy as hell watching Avi lead the way for a while. Seeing them buck together and feel total ecstasy was intense. Just as intense was Avi feeling that dick hitting his prostate. He shot his load all over Maulder's furry tummy and cried out in a joyous orgasm. They kissed and continued their raw fuck.

Maulder got to his knees and Avi assumed doggie position once more. He fucked the still horny pup as hard as he could and then came, a load so drippy and delicious looking. He stuffed his cumming, uncovered cock back inside Avi's ass and bred him deep. They kissed again to conclude what will surely go down as one of my all time favorite scenes. GRRR!

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