Greyson Kent

Greyson Kent

Greyson is anything but shy. He seemed like a porn veteran when he arrived to film. From his devilishly sexy smile to his raging erection, Greyson didn't disappoint on camera.

Maulder Roman

Maulder Roman

Smoldering, brooding Maulder Roman is one fine ass specimen of stocky, muscle cub. He's got python arms with biceps that could crush you and tight, hairy legs for days. Complete with an untouched juicy bubble butt (he's a total top, fellas) and a handful of thick uncut cock, Maulder is one grizzly bear you don't want to snarl with.


Maulder Tops Greyson Raw

Passion, passion, passion! Maulder and Greyson had electric sparks from the start, sucking face and swapping spit like they'd been pent up for years. Their eager hands roamed each other's bodies. Their hips swayed, their groins rubbing through shorts. There was so much sexual tension ready to explode between these two, they ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That's not only more fuck for your buck, that's double the length of a standard action scene AND only the second time we've gone that long on GuyBone! Damn hot! What a way to kick off our 5 Year Anniversary!

Greyson teased Maulder's furry nipple with his talented tongue. Maulder flexed his big beefy pecs and flashed those perfectly hairy pits. His own talented tongue took its turn on Greyson, licking his lips, his mouth, his neck, his armpits. He bit his nipples and made Greyson whimper in pleasurable pain. Maulder was in full dominant force, issuing just enough pain to let his position be known, but then plenty of tenderness to heal the hurt. It was so hot seeing this muscle cub on top of slender jock Greyson. Their bodies fit together wonderfully and I was getting very ready to see some nudity.

Greyson obliged my wish by whipping Maulder's thick uncut cock out of his tightening shorts. Good thing he released the beast, that fly was about to bust! That swollen shaft and fat cock head were almost too big for Greyson's petite mouth, but he's an oral pro and made it work like he always does. Maulder was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob, encouraging his partner to “come on, swallow that dick” and smacking his boner against Greyson's outstretched tongue. Greyson worshipped Maulder's big, tight nuts, driving the sexy Latino wild with ecstasy and expletives.

Maulder was ready for a little ass play, so he got Greyson down to his jockstrap and used his fingers to loosen up that tight hole. He showed off his own furry bubble butt and untouched ass while doing so. If only I hadn't had a camera in my hand, my tongue would have been buried deep inside him. He spit down on Greyson's hole and eased a finger then tongue inside him. Greyson cried out. Man, he was tight. This was going to be a challenge. But Maulder was more than up for it. He rimmed his hot costar some more, mauling his asshole if you will. He growled and smiled and I nearly creamed myself.

To get inside that ass better, Maulder got Greyson on his knees. He rimmed him deep, really working and wetting that hole. Then he got a couple fingers in. Success. Greyson bit that pillow hard and Maulder worked his big cock in slowly but surely. He spit on it for lube, sliding that uncut cock between Greyson's cheeks bareback. Greyson needed some more aide, so he lubed up Maulder's cock with SPUNK and sat on it raw. Maulder laid back and let the bottom take control for a moment. In this newfound position of power, Greyson was able to accept the full length of Maulder's erection. Everyone won.

Still wearing his jockstrap and looking fine as fuck, Greyson rode Maulder's beef stick successfully. “God, I forgot how good that could be” escaped his lips and Maulder and I knew Greyson was ready to give it his all. That was also Maulder's queue to take the reigns back and be the masculine top he wanted to. He got Greyson on his back, legs up, and entered him fully. Greyson bellowed and praised Maulder's studliness. He was gone. On a different, higher plane. He was in bliss. Maulder was feeling pretty damn good, too, having his rock hard tool buried deep in Greyson's warm, welcoming hole.

This is where I'd suggest you turn down the volume, or at the very least make sure your windows aren't open. Greyson is known to get loud, usually saving his battle cries for his orgasm, but this scene proved otherwise. That he's capable of getting very loud very quickly and staying that way while he's getting fucked the way he likes. Maulder looks like one helluva lover, so it's no surprise Greyson was moaning like a cat in heat. They switched to doggie style and Maulder sunk his uncut battleship into Greyson's perfectly warm ocean. Watching all that bare foreskin wrinkle and move with each thrust was sexy as fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck… these two were into the thick of it. Make no mistake, the moans Greyson makes are pure delight. He was being ravished by Maulder and loving every minute of it.

Greyson laid on his side for their final position and invited Maulder to nail him at an angle. Maulder's low hanging nuts gently tapped against Greyson's tiny bubble butt as he humped. Greyson's hole finally had enough, and Maulder's dick couldn't hold back anymore, so with the warning “dude, you're gonna get so much cum,” Maulder released his seed and creampied the blue moon bottom. He stuffed his dick in just enough to make Greyson moan one more time, then pulled out in victory. Greyson got on his knees over Maulder and screamed out a healthy load of his own all over Maulder's bearded mug. Maulder licked the last drops from his piss slit and the two were done, ready to collapse. Damn guys, that was fuckin intense!

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