Hyden O'Toole

Hyden O'Toole

Such a sweet guy, Hyden is sexy, smart and very skilled in the sack. He's totally versatile, which should pair nicely with his outstanding looks to get him costars no problem. His smile is quick and voltaic and with perfectly quaffed hair and hipster glasses, he is the definition of geek chic.

Maulder Roman

Maulder Roman

Smoldering, brooding Maulder Roman is one fine ass specimen of stocky, muscle cub. He's got python arms with biceps that could crush you and tight, hairy legs for days. Complete with an untouched juicy bubble butt (he's a total top, fellas) and a handful of thick uncut cock, Maulder is one grizzly bear you don't want to snarl with.


Maulder Tops Hyden Raw

Maulder's back! Fucking yes! Our resident muscle bear was home for a visit and eager to sink his claws into two fresh, fit scene partners. Up first, new GuyBone Guy, Hyden O'Toole. This thin, sexy, hairy hornball was exactly who beefy Maulder was looking for. They got a chance to meet up and test their chemistry prior to the shoot, and needless to say, they were a hot match. Hyden had topped in his debut scene, Back 2 Bareback Beach, and now I was eager to see this vers otter bottom.

In the bedroom, they wasted no time getting well acquainted. Maulder wrapped his muscular arms around slender Hyden as they licked each other's tongues and kissed lips. Hyden pulled his shirt off and Maulder mauled his nipple. That mouth and that tongue of Maulder's, my goodness. So talented and sexy.

Maulder's thick, uncut cock had fallen out of his pants and he was stroking it against Hyden's bare leg. Such a fat, chunky, meaty piece of manhood. Hyden dropped to his knees at Maulder's request and swallowed his dick foreskin first. He was balls deep in seconds, deepthroating like a champ. No dick is too thick for Hyden's throat. He worshipped Maulder's rod, then let his soon-to-be-top face fuck him in preparation for the real thing. I couldn't wait to see this dominant top have his way with this submissive bottom. They were a perfect pairing that totally complimented each other.

Maulder tossed Hyden on the bed and then tossed his salad. Hyden's perky little behind pushed into the air and met Maulder's salivating mouth for some wet, hot rimming action. Fuck, I could barely contain my excitement as Maulder pawed at Hyden's hole and readied him for the raw romp. They were going to have such a fun fuck, it was already evident.

Maulder literally buried his face between Hyden's butt cheeks, licking and sucking and spitting all over his tight, hairy hole. Hyden was in heaven, moaning and gasping out of control. Maulder's bulging biceps wrapped around Hyden's little legs and looked like they might crush him. Boa constrictor arms, we'll call them. Hyden didn't seem to mind. In fact, he loved the tight, cozy feeling when Maulder squeezed him.

Maulder snarled and spanked his costar's ass. He flipped Hyden over and blew him, starting with plenty of attention on those loose, low hanging balls. He pulled the precum out of Hyden's hardon by flicking the tip of his tongue on his piss slit. There were long, sexy strands of spit from dick to lips. And the way Hyden threw his head back into the pillows every time Maulder sucked him balls deep told me that this was some of the best head he'd ever received.

They decided it'd be a good idea to finger Hyden's hole before fucking. He was tight, Maulder was hung. Made sense. And was sexy as fuck to see. Hyden was on his stomach, ass in the air again, Maulder inching his digits in to the knuckle. The brut top urged his bottom to open up as he wiggled his fingers inside his ass, drooling all over the workspace to lubricate it.

They switched to SPUNK Lube next and were ready to try the main attraction. Hyden sat on Maulder's stiff one and slowly but surely worked it inside himself. In no time, he was bucking and fucking like a pro on Maulder's boner. They fucked fast and bareback, feeling each other the way sex was meant to be felt. Maulder's nuts tightened and his toes curled as he thrust into his costar. Their bodies were in perfect harmony as they continued to screw, even sitting up into a hot seated position that showcased the sensational bottom Hyden was capable of being.

Next up they tried missionary, which Hyden didn't seem crazy about at first, but definitely grew to love. Maulder's dick looked divine thrusting in and out of Hyden's hairy hole from an above angle. Their sex was definitely on fire! Hyden begged for Maulder's load so he gave it to him. He humped hurriedly until he was ready to pop. Then he pulled out, shot a couple drops on Hyden's taint, and thrust his cock back inside to sit as he dumped the rest of his load. Their faces said it all as Maulder bred Hyden. Gotta love being able to feel another dude shoot his seed inside you.

Hyden kicked back against the pillows and rubbed one out for a very thirsty Maulder. He shot his sperm straight up like a fountain, hitting Maulder's waiting tongue. Maulder gulped the good stuff down, then shared the tasty treat with Hyden, kissing and putting his own cum all over his mouth. They smooched several sexy kisses and ended with a “fuck yeah.” This scene was all the proof I needed that Hyden is just as hot of a bottom as he is a top and that I truly had missed Maulder as much as I thought I had. Great job on this scene, guys!

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